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Odysseus. The first time we meet Odysseus is in book five, previous to this we have only heard about him, from the gods, his family, and his friends.

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Odysseus In "The Odyssey", Odysseus is the main character. After the Trojan War, Odysseus never made it home. When we first heard of Odysseus' whereabouts the powerful goddess, the Nymph Calypso, was holding him captive on the island of Ogygia. The only god who disliked Odysseus was Poseidon, "who pursued the heroic Odysseus with relentless malice."(b.1/l.20). "The Odyssey" is about Odysseus' journey home. I will look at his character in the first six books. The characters in a novel are attributed certain characteristics by the author. The opinions one might form of a character are based on these; therefore, the characteristics suggested by an author are intrinsic to the reader having a complete and subjective understanding of a work. Characteristics are often displayed through a character's actions, in what is said about them, and what they themselves say, others often speak of Odysseus, in The Odyssey of Homer, but their own words are telling, as certain emotions and traits can be seen. Traits of a character can often be masked or distorted by favourable or unfavourable descriptions by others, but their own speech, often clearly shows character flaws and attributes that one might not come across otherwise. ...read more.


On the other hand, Penelope also exemplifies this same kind of love for Odysseus. At home in Ithaca, she stays loyal to Odysseus by unravelling his shroud and delaying her marriage to the suitors that are courting her. She always keeps the hope that her love, Odysseus, will return. Odysseus and Penelope's marriage clearly illustrates the theme of love. There are also many other bonds formed in life that show great love and guidance. One of the most emphasized in the Odyssey is the father - son relationship. These relationships clearly support the issue of love in the Odyssey. The father - son relationship between Odysseus and Telemachos is a little awkward because they both never really got to know each other but they still care for each other's well being. Telemachos on the contrary also displays a lot of love for his father. Telemachos leaves Ithaca, inexperienced, to try and find any knowledge of his father in hope that he's still alive. Telemachos through out most of his life has lacked a father figure and desperately needs that special help and guidance from Odysseus, as he becomes a man. Their relationship seems to show how love can give you the strength to carry on. ...read more.


Odysseus, who is the main character of the book "The Odyssey" written by Homer, would fit the dictionary�s definition of a hero; but if you go deeper, looking at what people feel a hero is, he doesn�t even come close. In the book, Odysseus does nothing out of the kindness of his heart. A true hero is a person who does something great and does not expect to be given any thing in return. A hero thinks more of others than he or she thinks of him or her self. Odysseus is an epic hero. Odysseus is a strong and brave man, but I think he lacks one of the major characteristics of a hero. I think he thinks of himself more than he thinks of others. Odysseus is a brave man that did great things. So far I do like the character of Odysseus, I think that he is a brave man but has been out of normal civilisation for so long, it is natural that he is going to miss certain things, people, and interact in different ways. He is bound to be suspicious of people, and try to keep on the right side of them as much as possible. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charlotte Woodbridge 6G Classics - The Odyssey 20/09/2002 ...read more.

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