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Oedipus The King Summary

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Oedipus the King Summary When Oedipus is born his parents, King Laius and Queen Jocasta, take their son to the Oracle to find out his future. The Oracle tells Laius and Jocasta that their soon is doomed. He will firstly kill his father. Secondly he will sleep with his mother and thirdly he will have children with his mother. King Laius and Jocasta want to kill Oedipus so he cant follow out his destiny. However if they kill Oedipus themselves they will be breaking the law of the gods. So they get a shephard to take Oedipus up to the top of Mount Olympus and ask him to nail Oedipus ankles to the rock of Mt. Olympus so that he wont be able to escape do therefore wont be been murdered but dying of natural causes. ...read more.


Years later at a party someone calls Oedipus a bastard. Oedipus doesn't understand what he means. So Oedipus goes and visits the Oracle to find out his destiny. Oedipus is told of his destiny that he is to kill his father, sleep with his mother and also have children with his mother. With this Oedipus flees Corinth in a way to hopefully not for fill his destiny. While Oedipus is walking along he comes to a cross road and gets into a fight and kills the people. [Oedipus has killed King Laius, his father, committed first part of his destiny.] Oedipus arrives at a plague stricken Thebes. No one can solve the riddle of the Sphinx. The riddle is "What starts its life on 4 legs, goes through most of it's life on 2 legs then finishes its life on 3 leg?" ...read more.


Tiresias knows that Oedipus is the killer and try's to tell him but Oedipus is blind to the truth. Oedipus continues to search for the killer but is only digging in further to finding out that it was him that killed Laius, [his real father]. Finally Tiresias tells Oedipus the truth. Jocasta also hears this. Jocasta runs into the palace and hangs herself in the chamber room. Oedipus comes in to find Jocasta dangling by the neck in a noose. Oedipus lets out a great cry and goes over to Jocasta and takes off her broach. He then looks up and brings down the points of the broach down into his eyes. Oedipus does this so he can no longer see the pain and suffering he has caused. Oedipus comes out of the palace and says goodbye to his daughters and asks Creon to look after them. With this Oedipus leaves Thebes. Cal Conroy ...read more.

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