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Pedro Parama Time Line

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Shiyu Li Maggie Meng Block D PEDRO PARAMO TIMELINE PRESENT (JUAN PRECIADO) PAST (PEDRO PARAMO) PAGE EVENTS PAGE EVENTS 3 Juan Preciado came to look for Pedro Paramo after Dolores Preciado's death. 4-7 Preciado follows the man who claimes to be Pedro Paramo's son too. The man tells Juan that Pedro had died. 9 The man he followed, named Abundio, suggests Preciado to go see Eduviges 7-9 Meets Eduviges Dyada 9-11 Juan Preciado lodges at Eduviges's. Talkes about Dolores and goes to sleep. 11-15 Pedro Paramo is thinking about Susana. Family is praying for Grandfather's death and is poor after the burial. 15-20 Preciado awakes and finds out from Eduviges that Abundio had died already. Eduviges talkes about Dolores and her marriage to Pedro 20-21 Susana has left the town. Pedro Paramo longs for her. 'The day you went away I knew I would never see you again' 21-23 Eduviges talkes about Miguel's death and his ghost visiting her. ...read more.


57-58 Juan wakes up from the heat and goes outside, then falls unconscious. 'There was no air; only the dead.' 58-61 Meets Dorotea and tells her what happened to himself. Dorotea talkes about herself and her delusion of a son. 61-65 Fulgor Sedano criticizes Miguel's actions. Pedro is being overly protective of Miguel. 65-66 Juan Preciado & Dorotea talke about the sky. "The sky is so high and my eyes so clouded that I was happy just knowing where the ground was." 66-68 Pedro is informed by Fulgor regarding Miguel's death. "He felt no sorrow." 68-75 Night when Miguel died, Father Renteria recounts Miguel and Pedro, leads him to think about his confession to a fellow priest. 75-78 Narrated by Susana about her mother and Justina. 78-81 Juan hears Susana's voice and learns that Susana's mother died when she was born. Dorotea tells him how Pedro adored Susanna. 81-82 Fulgor Sedano informs Pedro about Susana's return. 82-83 Narrated by Pedro Paramo, expressing joy at Susana's return. ...read more.


113-115 Susana dies. "He sheltered me in his arms. He gave me love." *discussion 4* 115-117 People of Comala ignore Susana's death due to festivities. Pedro swears to wreak vengeance on Comala. '"I will cross my arms and Comala will die of hunger." And that was what happened.' 117 Pedro orders El Ticuate to help the government 117-118 Pedro longes for Susana to come back 118-123 Abundio, illegitimate son of Pedro, comes back to village to ask for money for his wife's burial. Pedro rejects and is wounded. 123-124 Pedro Paramo dies. *Discussions: 1. At this point, is this enough of an evidence to say that Juan Preciado has already died? If not, at what point of the novel do you think that Juan Preciado becomes one of the deceased? 2. Do you agree that the man here is referred to as Miguel instead of someone else? If there were other possibilities, then who and why? 3. Did Father Renteria die at this point? Or was Susana who died? Why did Father Renteria appear alive later on? 4. Is Susana referring to God or Florencio? Why do you think so and base on what evidences? ...read more.

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