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Responding to"The hurricane," and "Medea".

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GCSE DRAMA COURSEWORK Responding: For our exam I've looked and explored two stimuli. Firstly we looked at song lyrics of "The Hurricane", which was sang by Bob Dylan. This stimulus was set in America during the 1960's. The second extract we looked at was a play "Medea" by Euripides, which was set in Ancient Greek. When I first looked at the lyrics of "Medea" and the first time I heard "The Hurricane", the first thing I noticed was that they were both from two different sources. They both had one thing in common which was that they were talking about society and life. I felt that the Bob Dylan's lyrics were easier to understand, as we heard the whole song and had all the lyrics. This meant that it was straightforward to do the tasks; whilst in Medea we were just given parts of the extract, which meant we had to work out the story and the background. We first looked as "The Hurricane". This was based on a true story about a 22-year-old boxing champion Rubin carter who was set up by two men Bello and Dexter. Rubin was accused of murder because of his race. This story, which was based on the theme of racism "If you're black you might as well not show up on the street less you wanna draw the heat", was in the southern states that make a link to the civil rights movement. We did various tacks to explore the song lyrics. ...read more.


In "Medea" we focused on the Greek theme. Medea was first performed in 431BC. Euripides is believed to have written 92 dramas but only 19 of them are known. Euripides were known and mainly recognized for there tragedies. We looked at the background of the Greek culture and one thing I found interesting was the Greek chorus, which was basically taking a certain phrase from the play and making it into a Greek dance. We firstly just got a few lines of the play and we had to expand on it and make it into our own dance. The thing I enjoyed was that we could create it how we wanted to. One thing I found which we did in the lessons was that, before we did any practical work we looked at the background and themes of the extracts. Secondly, we were given the tasks in parts, which made it clearer and easier for us to understand. The Stimuli have differences and similarities, firstly they both are talking about society and life, but in Medea they are focusing on the theme of love whilst the hurricane is focusing on the theme of racism. Also both extracts are from different sources: a song and a play. The Hurricane and Medea are also from different eras. Developing " I can't believe this has happened to me I mean I'm only 22 years old and I had a incredible future in front of me. I shouldn't be in this dirty damp place. ...read more.


I also found that when the Euripides performed "Medea" the Greek chorus was an unfamiliar aspect to the audience, but the Euripides was aiming it not to be "naturalistic". They used to make it a highly stylized art form; where the characters wore masks and the performances incorporated song and dance. Euripides used chorus to create it like a poem. The themes of Medea were: passion and rage-Medea was a woman of extreme behavior and extreme emotion. For her passionate love for Jason, she sacrificed all, committing unspeakable acts on his behalf. But his betrayal of her has transformed passion into rage; revenge-Medea is willing to sacrifice everything to make her revenge perfect. She murders her own children; pride- Medea's pride drives her to unnecessarily brutal action. Researching on the hurricane and about civil rights, we see how easy it is to be discriminated because of your color. When I first read the extract, I thought about the bus situation with Rosa parks. As she was a black woman who wasn't treated equally as the white people. But she fought for her culture and went against the rules of society at the time. This is linked to the story of Rubin carter as he was sentenced to prison just because of his race, but then got released through the black civil right movement. Doing this research and finding out about the Greek culture and the civil rights movement made my understanding of the plays much more clearer, as then I could as an individual add my own thoughts and ideas in. Overall, I found these extracts interesting and totally different from each other which therefore made it more motivating. ...read more.

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