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The participation of the Gods makes the Odyssey exciting. How far do you agree with this statement?

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´╗┐Olivia Clinton The participation of the Gods makes the Odyssey exciting. How far do you agree with this statement? In the Odyssey, Odysseus is helped by the gods, but also at times hindered by them in his journey home to Ithaca. Without the gods, the Odyssey would surely be a less exciting story to tell. The gods intervene a lot during Odysseus? journey, almost securing his fate of troubles to prolong his return home. Poseidon won?t go against Zeus wish of Odysseus returning, but will ?let him have a bellyful of trouble?. Without this participation of Poseidon, there would be no story to tell as Odysseus would have probably gotten home rather quickly without any ?troubles??. ...read more.


The gods cause problems for Odysseus, even the ones that are not against him. Such as when he is offered immortality by Calypso, but he still choose to leave the island of Ogygia to begin his quest home. The decline of the offer shows that Odysseus has strong heroic code as he doesn?t want to become all powerful. This is shown again when Odysseus and his men are welcomed to stay with Circe, where they had ?a rich supply of meat and wine? and where having a great time, but decides to continue (even though they prolonged their departure for a year). It grows our idea of Odysseus being a wonderful hero and the suspense of what he will encounter next. ...read more.


Even when Odysseus does return finally, Poseidon is angered by the Phaeacians for helping Odysseus and so fulfils their own prophecy that one day, their kindness will be punished. This shows the power of the gods making their involvement in the poem a lot more excitement because they are unpredictable and all powerful, able to change anything in a mortal?s life. Even though Odysseus? fate of returning home safety is set, what happens in between Troy and Ithaca is unknown by the audience and so each of the wanderings will create more suspense, waiting to find out what tricky situation Odysseus will get out of next and how he will manage to. What is unknown is what builds up excitement in the Odyssey until his return and the participation of the gods in this way, to a reasonably large extent, is what makes the Odyssey exciting. ...read more.

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