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To what extent do you think that Odysseus does things entirely his own way?

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´╗┐To what extent do you think Odysseus does things entirely in his own way? [45] In the Odyssey, Odysseus is headstrong and is very clever in problematic situations. Odysseus does do things entirely in his own way; there are moments where divine help was needed. Odysseus is cunning and is stubborn once he has his mind set on something. An example of this is when Odysseus, alone, thought up of a rescue plan when he and his crew were trapped in Polyphemus?, the cyclops, cave. Due to his hubris, needing to be recognised for his action to gain kleos, Odysseus brags and taunts the cyclops, disregarding the wishes of his crew who don?t want to remain in the cave and plead him not to anger the cyclops further which did not dissuade him. ...read more.


during the storm made by Poseidon, he declines her assistance as he believes he is already close to home and that Ino is only delaying his progress. We see Odysseus? strength during the meeting of the Lotus Eaters, by his own free will, he saves his crew who disobey him due to being subdued by the lotus plant. However, it is often that Odysseus is unable to do things on his own. For seven years he has been held against his will by the nymph Calypso and required the help of the gods to intervene as well as having Calypso to provide supplies and resources to build a raft to leave the island. ...read more.


His men, at times, were Odysseus? assistance, helping Odysseus make a pike to injure Polyphemus and encourage Odysseus to leave Circe?s island. The goddess Athene played a crucial role for Odysseus? safety, such as: disguising Odysseus as a beggar, helping him in the land of the Phaeacians as a young girl to safely guide him to the king of Phaeacia, due to the islander?s xenophobia. The princess Nausicaa, of the Phaeacians, and her servants assisted Odysseus when he washed upon their shore and gave him directions to her father. Without the Phaeacians, Odysseus would have not been able to reach home on his own without any supplies or resources. There were times where Odysseus did things his own way but needed the assistance of the gods and others to be able to achieve his goal. ...read more.

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