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Why does homer begin the Odyssey with the Telemacheia

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Why does homer begin the Odyssey with the Telemacheia? The Odysseus is an account of the travels of the legend odysseus written by the poet Homer The reason for Homer beginning the Odyssey with the Telechacheia is to emphasise the dramatic importance of Odysseus. In the absence of Odysseus it is clear that his city is suffering without him there as a leader. We are firstly introduced to some of the important characters in the Odyssey; Odysseus and his family, Penelope and Telemachus. In the absence of Odysseus we see that the palace has been over run by suitors who are all hoping for a chance of winning Penelope. The suitors show disrespect and ignorance towards Odysseus, eating his food, sleeping in his home and trying to sleep with his wife. They do not even show the slightest bit of remorse for his family who are morning in his absence. Instead they abuse the hospitality offered to them by Penelope and Telemacheus and show no respect at all to them. All they have on their mind is the thought of winning Penelope and her power. They are more like intruders than guests. Although in the presence of the suitors we are shown the true colours of Penelope who still has hope for the return of Odysseus. ...read more.


Telemachus shows Athena hospitality in addressing her by 'friend' and does not even ask who she is but insists that she should eat first. Telemachus is said to be ashamed that the stranger should be kept waiting. He is obviously ashamed of the suitors' insolent behaviour. Homer emphasises the rudeness and ill-mannered behaviour of the Suitors using phrases such as 'swaggering'. This gives the impression that they are drunk and being drunk in front of a visitor is extremely discourteous. The suitors show the aspect of being hubris because them think of them selves as better people them they are. Homer begins the Odyssey at the site of Ithaca. This is ironic as Ithaca is the home land of Odysseus and where is long enduring voyage will end. By introducing Ithaca so soon in the story the reader is able to relate to why Odysseus is longing to go home so much. We are introduced to his l wife the beautiful Penelope who is still clinging on to her last bit of hope and we are introduced to his son the thoughtful Telemachus who has now grown into a young, strong hostile man. Odysseus has been gone for nearly 20 years and has not seen is son since he was just a baby. ...read more.


Odysseus is a good role model for his son because he is always striving to do his best. We learn this from Menalaus who talks to Telemachus about the great men he fought with who were killed in battle. Menaluaus is an extremely wealthy man, 'The whole place gleams with bronze and gold, amber and silver and ivory'. Telemachus is gob smacked at the quanity of treasures and compares Menalaus's home to the court of Zeus on Olympus. Telemachus is wealthy himself and for him to be blown back by another mans riches really emphasises just how rich Menalaus is. Although, Menalaus quotes that he would,' give a third of his former estate, if those friends of mine were still alive.. But for all the Achacans who strove at troy it was Odysseus who strove the hardest and achieved the most'. Nestor talks of how much Telemachus resembles his father Odysseus in the way he talks and his charming looks. There is also a similarity between the two as Athena is showing the same affection to Telemachus as she once did for Odysseus helping him by putting courage into his heart when talking to Nestor. Although there is also a contrast in that Telemachus does not stand up to the suitors and tell them to leave like Odysseus would do but allows them to walk all over him and his mother. ...read more.

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