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AS and A Level: Computer Science

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  1. A2Z Travel UK Ltd A2Z Travel Uk Ltd Company Structure structure of the company, considering where the computing function is situated ] Page 1

    The people working in Martin Gates team include: - * Wendy Gates (Contracts Manager) - the main role of Wendy Gates is to secure contracts and bookings also introduce discount under the authorisation of Martin Gates the Transport Manager. * Sandeep Uppal (Health & Safety Manager) - Bashir deals with health and safety issues within the company, and also liability issues whilst vehicles are in use by companies and groups. * Mohammed Zafreen (Head Mechanic) - deals with the vehicles checking them on a weekly basis checking for problems before they go to the outing it is booked for.

    • Word count: 2795
  2. Describe the functions of each section within the shops and Head Office, paying particular attention to Administration in shops and Human Resources in Head Office Functions of each section within the shops

    * Organise for a trophy to be engraved by contacting the local engraver. * Emailing weekly orders for goods to the warehouse * Producing confirmation purchase orders for goods and services * Checking invoices against goods received and work done and passing these to Head Office for payment Clothing sales * The clothing sales section has a clothing sales manager who the clothing sales staff and footwear sales staff report to. * Clothing Sales staff assist customers in choosing appropriate clothing and provide advice for those who wish to purchase clothing * The footwear sales staffs assist customers and provide advice for those who wish to purchase footwear.

    • Word count: 2801
  3. A new CEO has been appointed to a large organisation of 35,000 employees. Sales are static, costs are increasing and staffs appear to be unhappy. She wants to know what is going on. 1. Introduction With an organisation of huge resources, they

    Research Question To evaluate why is the company not doing well in terms of sales, costs and attitudes of the staff. 2.1 Research Objectives They are to evaluate: a. Why are there static sales? i) Which product line sales are static? b. What are the factors that contribute to increasing costs? c. Why does the staff appear to be unhappy? i) Does poor attitude of the staff affect their working performance? 3. Paradigm Positivist approach, it looks into the observable data which can be measured.

    • Word count: 2294
  4. Discuss the relationship that exists in the UK between the legal rules that govern directors' duties and principles of corporate governance.

    Corporate Governance relates strongly to directors duties which in the UK are partly regulated by legislation in The Companies Act 1985 and to from precedents set in common law these duties are split into three areas, fiduciary duties to shareholders, duties of skill and care and finally conflict of interest. As well as being regulated by statute and common law they are governed by the principles of corporate governance which are laid down in The Combined Code. Technically these principles are more conventions than they are legalities so do not need to be directly adhered to, however The Stock

    • Word count: 2880
  5. uses of ICT in a company

    They also aim to sell high quality products and have good customer relations. In order to do this they need to employ the right staff and have a good range of high quality equipment. 3.2) Core Business All of the St Georges clinics contain the only veterinary hospital in the Midlands. Containing full medical, surgical, anesthetic and hospital facilities that have a 24 hour emergency service. The hospital also has separate wards for dogs, cats and rabbits as well as caring for various pets and animals.

    • Word count: 2112
  6. OMD project management currently do all of their invoicing on paper. This means that the consultant will remember his hours his expenses and his hourly rate in his head and when it comes around to invoicing the client he will type all of

    These errors can include charging too much or too little money. By providing an invoice system it would save the company large amounts of time an effort. It would also reduce the amount of human error and increase the accuracy of the invoice. Current Invoice System: OMD project management currently do all of their invoicing on paper. This means that the consultant will remember his hours his expenses and his hourly rate in his head and when it comes around to invoicing the client he will type all of these things up on to Microsoft word, print it off and give it to the client so the are able to pay the company.

    • Word count: 2558
  7. This technical report will look at various different memory devices and how they are implemented in a standard computer system. Internal memory devices such as ROM, PROM, RAM, SRAM, DRAM, SIMM and DIMM will be looked

    Data that is stored in memory is generally only kept there on a temporary basis. The term "memory" identifies data storage that comes in the form of silicon chips, and the word "storage" is used for memory that is stored on disks or tapes. Moreover, the term "memory" is usually used as shorthand for physical memory, which refers to the actual silicon chips capable of carrying data. Some computer systems also have what's called "virtual memory," which expands physical memory onto a hard disk. Read-Only Memory The first memory device that will be looked at is ROM (Read-Only Memory).

    • Word count: 2181
  8. Information technology coursework

    This is situated on the right of the keyboard and serves two functions. Firstly, to move the cursor and secondly to type numbers into the computer. The keys on the keypad usually contain the numbers 0 to 9, the decimal point and the mathematical symbols. The key marked "NUMLOCK" is used to tell the computer if the pad is used to enter numbers (NUMLOCK ON) or to move the cursor (NUMLOCK OFF). Input - The Mouse A mouse is a device, which can provide an alternative to the keyboard. The mouse itself has a small ball in its base which, when pulled across a smooth surface, moves a special "cursor" across the screen.

    • Word count: 2811
  9. Information technology research project

    Such people will have quite a lot of computer literacy from the modules they already know and it will be interesting to see how much additional support they really need. 1. CDROMS as a Learning Resource. One useful way of using a computer in education is using subject specialist CDROMS. These have been available for some time now, but vary in their quality of material and actual likely learning outcome. The usual idea is that the student should work through a program at their own speed learning and giving answers, usually to multiple choice questions.

    • Word count: 2739
  10. Introduction to Viruses

    Virus Types and What They Infect Viruses come in many types; written using many different infection strategies. A virus is a program which reproduces its own code by attaching its self to other programs in such a way that the virus code is executed when the infected program is executed. Viruses do this without the permission or knowledge of the user. Viruses have multiple characteristics and fall into multiple categories. > System Sector Viruses These infect control information on the disk itself. > File Viruses These infect program (COM and EXE) files. > Macro Viruses These infect files you might think of as data files.

    • Word count: 2659
  11. Tod's Tyres is a small business that supplies new car tyres to company car fleets and car hire firms. I have been asked to create a computer application, either programmed or using a database, to replace the current manual record-keeping system.

    and (customer's price ex VAT). Tod gets his tyres from one supplier only. This supplier sends him an up-to-date supplier list once a month. Some companies are allowed a 5% discount before VAT is added. Tod keeps company details: "COMPANYDETAILSTBL" (company name), (contact name), (street address), (town/city), (post code), (telephone number) and (discount offered). CARDTBL: Field name Data type Validation Invoice number Number Car registration number Text Input mask Company name Text 25 characters limit Type of tyre Text Input mask Date Date/time Car mileage Number Number of new tyres fitted Number Value between 1 and 5 Comment Text 50 characters limit Total price Currency PRICELISTTBL: Field name Data type Validation Type of tyres Text Input mask Manufacturer's code Text Input mask Customer's price (ex VAT)

    • Word count: 2033
  12. VHD tools. The VHD tools database was constructed to aid the staff in their daily duties. Before the database, all operations such as invoices and receipts were carried out manually. With the introduction of this database, receipts and invoices are printe

    This will aid the company into showing what products sell better than others. Above is a copy of the employee details data table. From this table, transactions and their stock details can be accessed. Count: 277 words 2. Assumptions * Each item available for sale or rent will have one unique Stock ID. However, each item for sale and each item for rent will have unique Item IDs. This is needed to prevent confusion in the transaction table. By specifying the Item ID, we can see whether the item was sold or simply rented out.

    • Word count: 2510
  13. Robot Prototype design principles.

    Achievement of this principle in the Robot Prototype is by creating a menu of three Prototypes in one program and made the user to choose shortcut to play Prototype 1 to 3, which allow the user to perform task in more than one way. The second principle is 'reducing the cognitive load', which concerns designing so that users do not have to remember large amount of details to follow. This is achieved in the Prototype by reminding the user about the keys if wrong key pressed (e.g.

    • Word count: 2673
  14. Membership System For "Abbey Court Leisure health and fitness" - computer system design

    If these programs are not installed on the computer then the system will therefore not be able to load itself. The system also needs about 1Mb of disk space to store the application and at least as much again to store the data. Roughly, about 3Mb is needed free to store other data. Minimum hardware and software requirements: To use this software effectively you will need the following hardware: * Keyboard - so that you can enter the members details * Mouse - in order to select icons or click buttons * Laser jet printer - to print the letters

    • Word count: 2246
  15. This essay will cover some aspects of sociological research. It will answer not only questions like what is research, but also briefly illustrate the research process

    As every action has a purpose behind it, reviewing the literature is no less. Firstly, it gives the researcher the idea of how to go with his research, for example, which method of data collection to use, the research design, key issues and so on. Secondly, if the problem has already been solved by previous research successfully or not? The researcher needs to spot what areas have been covered by previous research and what methods have he/she used, and keeping that in mind, he needs to do research on what has not been covered.

    • Word count: 2331
  16. I.C.T. coursework on Computer games retail store.

    I interviewed the manager of the store, Mr.G Grewal and asked him a series of questions about his current system and the system he wishes to install into his shop. I also made a questionnaire for the employees, asking them what they think would help run the store more efficiently. Their current system is too slow, and its distracting the customers away from 3G. The system is not always accurate, and it is not time-efficient. In addition, with the amount of time it takes for the employees to order and count the stock, they must be paid much more than need be.

    • Word count: 2690
  17. How audio products work.

    A CD holds about five times more data (650 megabytes in data mode and 740 megabytes in audio mode) than a Minidisk. However, both CDs and Minidisks can store the same amount of music (75 minutes or so). The difference is that a Minidisk uses a digital compression technique called ATRAC (Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding) when storing music. A recordable Minidisk is a magneto-optical device capable of storing 140 megabytes of information. Music can be scattered all over the disk and the player can "put it together" correctly when playing the disk.

    • Word count: 2039
  18. Review of the article "Supply Chain Analysis at Volkswagen of America".

    The main argument is that the present system was not designed to maximize profit for the whole system, but only to realize cash flow for the original manufacture. That is, the interest was only the benefit of manufacture rather than benefit for Volkswagen and dealers in the United States together. The existing distribution system in the United States "has a single dominant form, in which the original equipment manufactures (OEMs) inventory and sell new vehicles to franchised sellers." So, the dealer was a primary customer for a Volkswagen, and the dealer was a supplier to the end user.

    • Word count: 2172
  19. Setting up a business - Tod's Tyres.

    The data itself must be transferable to a common storage medium, like floppy disks or CDR's, for cheap and compact back-up storage. However, these disks must be kept safe from unauthorised access, as per the data protection acts. 5. The programme must update the file in real-time; e.g. a change to the database at one workstation will register at the others with immediately after. The solution, as a secondary objective, should be relatively cheap and easy to upgrade in the future.

    • Word count: 2984
  20. ICT in the home.

    Advantages to having a newer system: * It will be quicker * The layout is much easier to understand on the modern computers * Newer software allows many more options and different ways of doing things * There is more space to save files etc... on to. * The newer models of computers depending on which one are smaller producing more space. These advantages all show the reasons why a newer system will be extremely beneficial. Questionnaire Do you own a computer system?

    • Word count: 2821
  21. Excel Coursework - Engineering Hours Accounting System.

    The information should be sent to a database from Mr. Salomon can produce reports. He wants to be able to get a report that shows how many hours each employee works each week (these should be sorted by employee number). Mr. Salomon would also like to have a graphical report, which shows the total number of hours worked each week against each contract. He would like to start a fresh new system at the start of each year. Mr. Salomon would also like an easy to understand user guide, which should include complete instructions for a novice, using no jargon.

    • Word count: 2826
  22. Use of IT tools in Road Management and Engineering.

    4.1 HDM-4 4-5 4.1.1 Results 5 4.2 ARCADY 5-6 4.2.1 Results 6 1.0 Introduction IT tools are widely used in many fields now. In the road management and engineering field, IT tools are especially vital and useful because road congestion and road accidents attribute billions of dollars in a country each year. For economical and environmental issues, uses of IT tools can efficiently reduce the social and economic loss due to the congestion and accidents, and mitigate the environmental impact from vehicles.

    • Word count: 2517
  23. Primary or Secondary Storage.

    This uses memory chips and is the fastest but is the most expensive type of storage. A memory chip is a chip that holds programs and data either temporarily or permanently. The categories of memory chips are Random Access Memory (RAM), Read Only Memory (ROM), Cache memory and buffer memory. RAM RAM or primary storage, is located in RAM chips physically close to the CPU. The architecture of RAM is similar to that of mailboxes at a post office. A RAM chip is made up of addressable locations (cells). Whenever a CPU writes data, instructions or information to RAM, it wipes out the previous contents of RAM.

    • Word count: 2542
  24. Identify the constituent parts of a total computer system.

    You can then transfer the images directly from your camera on to your computer. Digital cameras are often used by estate agents for producing advertising and sales material. Graphics tablet A graphics tablet consists of a flat pad (the tablet) on which the user draws with a special pen. As the user draws on the pad the image is created on the screen. Using a graphics tablet a designer can produce very accurate on-screen drawings. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Reader)

    • Word count: 2403
  25. Write a TOM program that reads a number from the keyboard, subtracts 1 and displays the result.

    location val2 add display Adds the store location display to the accumulator store total Stores value in accumulator in the store location total print total Displays contents of the store location total on the screen stop Stops program execution val1 data 2 Initialises a store location val1 with the value 2 in it val2 data 3 Initialises a store location val2 with the value 3 in it keyin1 data 0 Initialises a store location keyin1 with the value 0 in it keyin2 data 0 Initialises a store location keyin2 with the value 0 in it display data 0 Initialises a

    • Word count: 2694

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