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AS and A Level: Computer Science

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  1. CSA & Networking.

    0 SP 20 32 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 INSTRUCTIONS Instructions can be defined as sets of commands ,or instructions that the computer can communicate with and react according to it. The set of instructions can vary in different computer and are the basic programming commands found in any computer. In a tom system , the instructions or commands are not big in number and vary between 0 to 100 or slightly more .But in a modern complicated Intel Pentium processor the set of instructions are large in number and can be in thousands .

    • Word count: 2201
  2. Evaluate the evidence from throughout the course that there are two distinct modes of cognitive processing.

    We can only say one thing at time and think one thing at a time, in this respect high-level cognition is characterised by serial processing. These tasks take a lot of mental effort and therefore draw heavily on the limited capacity of working memory. They are also driven by internal goals (top-down processing); we have to make a conscious decision to focus our attention in a certain direction in order to achieve a particular goal. The distinction between these two modes of cognitive processing, however, is not that clear cut.

    • Word count: 2171
  3. Data Modelling & Data Structures.

    The report will also explain basic data structure for storage and retrieval, logical and physical file organisation and location and access methods. A data structure is essentially a number of data items, also called elements or nodes with some relationship linking them together. Each item consists of one or more named parts called fields occupying one or more memory locations in the computer. For instance a list of numbers occupying consecutive memory locations in a computer is a simple data structure.

    • Word count: 2945
  4. Design -Consideration for possible solutions - Comparison of alternative solutions.

    The totals on the POR would be accounted for before the print, so that the accounts will automatically be amended. The easy storage of records and the easy retrieval is also an advantage on the paper-based system. Analytical function are also included on a spreadsheet package, such as the production of graphs and pivot tables to show sale throughout a period, which means these can be produced by pressing a button, and then printed out, which all saves time in production and data storage.

    • Word count: 2242
  5. For this project I will be constructing an I.T. solution for Castle Couriers. Castle Couriers is a company, which provides a number of courier services, mainly for car showrooms.

    solution for Castle Couriers. Castle Couriers is a company, which provides a number of courier services, mainly for car showrooms. Their main service is the transportation of vehicle registrations to the V.R.O. (Vehicle Registration Office) and their return, and also the transportation of tax related forms to the tax office, also from car showrooms. It is currently a company with a small number of employees, approximately 4, and a very local customer base. However they plan to expand in the near future and do not believe their current system will be effective with much more data.

    • Word count: 2513
  6. The Prisoner.

    Then a police officer walked up to the crowd in a hurried manner and said "Hello! Hello! What's up then" so Will said sarcastically, "Not much just a dead body for you to look after". Then he stood up stiffly and hurried quickly off. As they hurried through the middle of London they got bumped into and had to push their way through the crowds and Data found it difficult as he got stuck in the crowds. When he caught back up he yelled "Where are we going?"

    • Word count: 2272
  7. A small newsagent named 'Shah News' has decided to diversify, and begun to rent digital media to the public. It began as a small experiment, to see if it would work out in his current local area.

    A computerised database system would be a perfect fit for his situation. It would certainly be better than the method he is currently using. Problems with his current system are too many to list, mainly because it is such an old fashioned way. Such main problems are: * Although he hasn't realised, he is not conforming to the Data Protection Act because his data is not secure i.e. it is all in a large tabulated notebook. This could be serious for him if his member database grows, and in future time, he is checked up by authorities.

    • Word count: 2128
  8. Computer Crime, Security and Data Protection.

    Here are some higher and lower case example of computer abuse situations... Lower Case Situations Higher Case Situations Employees using their work time to exploit the use of a computer/Internet, which is not related to work. Computer Criminals exploiting the use of credit card detail for improper use. (Thief of money) Computer abuses creating unethical Websites, which are not really suitable to view. Companies exploit the use for customer data. Such as asking for personal, criminal records which are not related to the company. Hackers causing grief in Internet chat rooms, by hacking into the system to take control of the room.

    • Word count: 2061
  9. I will try to encourage middle aged adults to ride bikes as a frequent form of transport or leisure. I intend persuade my audience in form of a leaflet. In this I will explain the environmental issues and the safety that is involved while cycling.

    It's illegal to copy, distribute or alter the contents of copyright material without the owner's permission. There is a data protection act which states that companies that keep records of their customer's personal details, should inform the customers that they have these details, and the data that they keep must be up to date. Bank's keep sensitive information of their customers credit rating which is very sensitive, and the customers should be able to view these details when they wish. Addresses of customer's must be kept up to date. I took the screenshot below from http://www.msn.co.uk from the bottom of the web page.

    • Word count: 2948
  10. Hospital Equipment Loan System.

    - Junior 2 �85 Elbow Crutch - Adult 4 �105 Neck Collar - Junior 3 �17.50 Neck Collar - Adult 5 �23.75 ? Design - Data Input and Validation: The information required by the program will be input using text boxes, as used by most other applications, and will be arranged in a logical order onscreen for easy navigation and association. The text boxes automatically support features such as copy and paste shortcuts, and single-level undo - in case text is deleted accidentally.

    • Word count: 2692
  11. Elektronikz Inc. - a new system

    The reason why the first showroom was very popular was due to its extending range of products being sold. However, by the time the new showroom was opened in Dubai, the system was beginning to show signs of loss here. The system comprised of paper and cabinets which was very inefficient. Also, there was a lot of competition from stores such as Plug-ins, Jumbo etc. The company decided that a change should be made to the existing system to keep up with the competition so they decided to go for the new ICT system which was growing very popular.

    • Word count: 2079
  12. Hardware and software ICT revision notes

    * storage capacity * speed of access and retrieval * read capability * write capability * cost. You will need to know the terms used to describe the size of data or storage capacity, including the following (but not the precise numbers): * bit (binary digit - smallest data item) * byte (8 bits) * Kbyte (Kilo or 1024 bytes - 210) * Mbyte (Mega or 1,048,576 or 220) * Gbyte (Giga or 1,073,741,824 or 230) * Terabyte (~1,099,000,000,000 or 240). There are many types of input device. You need to understand their purpose and be able to select input devices to meet the needs of users, including: * mouse * roller ball * keyboard * concept pad (keyboard with symbols)

    • Word count: 2758
  13. ICT Coursework - Big M Cinemas

    When I decided my project, I needed to make a list of all the commands I needed the package to operate. For example, inserting a hyperlink. I needed to decide whether the program was user friendly, meaning was it easy to operate/perform tasks. Can I get the program to do what I want? Is the program robust, can it cope with errors in data while it is running? Software When starting my project I chose to use Microsoft Publisher 98 for the website with a link to html for my booking system.

    • Word count: 2882
  14. This report aimed to replicate Stroop's (1935) experiment. Using the repeated measures design and a sample of 20 students, differences in verbal reaction times on two tests were observed.

    With their two-process theory, Shiffrin and Schneider (1977) make useful distinctions between controlled and automatic processing. They are as follows: controlled processing seems to need focused attention and requires multi-tasking to be minimised as much as possible, whereas automatic processes aren't affected by multi-tasking and they do not require focused attention. However, automatic processes are hard to amend once learnt. Kahneman proposed his capacity/resource allocation model in 1973 (see Figure 1): Figure 1 This model could provide an explanation for the Stroop Effect as the visual interference of the conflicting colour could be described as a momentary intention (a voluntary shift of attention).

    • Word count: 2724
  15. The company that I have chosen to do my project on is a small book distribution company called Bookshop.

    * The problem that ABC Books as a company has is that it is limited to the workforce that it ca spend on different tasks. Therefore time is a major part of what is wrong. * If there were a way that was quicker than the current way to do it then the time taken by each person would be greatly reduced and there may be a chance that each person would have more time to do other jobs. For example two people handle all the accounts.

    • Word count: 2910
  16. In the spreadsheet I am going to design I am going to use the following 'Source Data'. The data to go into the catalogue has been supplied by the company.

    The only button that will create an 'hard copy' output will be the Print Invoive button. A copy of the invoive will be included in the User guide. In the workbook I will try and include as many of the complex facilities (see list below) as I can. The ones that I am most likely to use are highlighted in the list. Lists and tables - sorting, lookup tables, subtotals and totals List boxes and drop - down boxes to select data for entry Styles to create a customised cell format Named cells and ranges for use in formulae Auto-fill lists - for lists of dates or days of the week Validation - restricting data input

    • Word count: 2327
  17. My mum runs a cleaning business which is based in Lytham, she has many customers and produces her bills on card by hand. This is very slow and due to her busy schedule a waste of valuable time.

    Advantages - 1. More accurate 2. Faster time 3. Less Storage of information on paper 4. More professional 5. Faster and easier to find records on customers There are disadvantages to using a computer system these are shown below. Disadvantages - 1. Cost of equipment 2. All records lost if computer is stolen or broke 3. Can be confusing As you can see the advantages far out weight the disadvantages and I think this proves a computerised solution to the problem is the best option.

    • Word count: 2075
  18. The Preston North End Fc academy director is very busy, he is responsible for the day to day running of the academy.

    I will decide on the package and type of program later. Although I know I will definitely be using a computerised solution to the problem. The advantages and disadvantages of a computerised solution are shown below Advantages - 1. More accurate 2. Faster time to produce final document 3. Less Storage of information on paper 4. More professional looking 5. Faster and easier to find records on customers 6. Easier to duplicate Disadvantages - 1. Cost of equipment 2. All records lost if computer is stolen or broke 3.

    • Word count: 2383
  19. How do you configure hardware and software

    The programs you are currently running, and in most cases the data they are using (e.g. your current document in Word) are stored in the primary store. Secondary Storage: The problem with RAM is that it is volatile. This means that is the computer is switched off or the power fails, then what is currently in the memory is lost (the word volatile means "evaporates quickly"). For this reason we need another form of storage; secondary storage. Secondary storage is a permanent, non-volatile form of storage that usually involves a storage device recording the information onto some sort of physical medium.

    • Word count: 2453
  20. Neurophysiology - Discuss the roles of development learning and evolution in the construction of the nervous system

    The white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus and the mule deer O. hemionus use different gaits when alarmed. The white deer gallop and the mule deer stott. This alone doesn't confer that the difference is due to their nervous systems but the genetic origin for the behaviour is inferred when a cross between the two species results in a hybrid that bounds when alarmed. In order to attain quantitative data the use of complex nervous systems, such as mammals, is unfeasible. A simpler nervous system is better suited and comparisons can then be extrapolated for the more complex animals.

    • Word count: 2505
  21. Modelling a database for a Garment Manufacturing company.

    At the moment letters are created from scratch in Microsoft Word. Information Technology is not used much as it could be at the present time. Current procedures Customers get into contact with the company and talk about their order and the type of work required to meet their needs. This would include the design styles, materials and number of garments etc. Either the customer provide their own materials or they set out their order to Mr Jordan so he can go to his supplier. The company then makes a sample garment which is shown to the customer if they are pleased with it then production starts, if not then amendments are made.

    • Word count: 2853
  22. An Information Technology System For a School

    We will be fine if we can continue this trend. Q: You are shifting to new custom-built premises and are also expanding your range of activities offered. Why have you made this decision? A: We are changing our status to an authorized 'A' level Center. As such, we will need the appropriate facilities to meet the requirements for this standard. Also, the school expects a significant increase in enrolments at both 'O' and 'A' Levels, so the space is needed to provide for these new students.

    • Word count: 2264
  23. What Computer Do I Buy?

    The speed can vary from 700 up to 2200 MHz (2.2 GHz). What does this all mean and what is right for you?. If you do not need the speed, why would you buy a Porsche? And if you can do with a Ford why buy a Rolls Royce? The most expensive CPU's are the Intel Pentium 4 and Athlon XP processors. The greater the megahertz (speed), the more expensive they become. For just normal use (writing letters, creating a website, desktop publishing, and for your small business)

    • Word count: 2965
  24. An I.T. System to Track Share Prices

    Below I have illustrated some other important functions in MS Excel. Cells can easily be identified. Formulas can easily be entered. As shown above, calculations can be easily done in Excel, making it user friendly. Finally to make my spreadsheet more attractive I can use the below simple tools. MS Word Art Drawing Tools & Shapes ClipArt's Shadow and 3d style Free rotate Basic drawing shapes Fill Colour What other packages can also do the job? Software Name Advantages Disadvantages MS Excel Simple user interface with many facilities. If data in one cell is changed accidentally all results may be altered.

    • Word count: 2676
  25. 140 Computing A-Level Revision Questions

    indexed sequential files b) direct access files 16. How does overflow occur in direct access files? 17. Explain EFTPOS. What is its main advantage to the customer over credit cards? 18. State and briefly describe the five stages of the system life cycle. 19. Explain security, privacy and integrity of data, making clear the difference between them. What measures may be taken to ensure each? 20. Give two advantages and two disadvantages of sequential over direct access files. 21. A particular indexed sequential file has a two level index. Explain how a record will be accessed, ignoring overflow. 22.

    • Word count: 2081

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