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A new CEO has been appointed to a large organisation of 35,000 employees. Sales are static, costs are increasing and staffs appear to be unhappy. She wants to know what is going on. 1. Introduction With an organisation of huge resources, they

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Contents Page CONTENT PAGE 1. Introduction 2 2. Research Question 3 2.1 Research Objectives 3 3. Paradigm 4 4. Methodology 5 5. Methods 6 5.1 Secondary Data 6 5.2 Questionnaires 7 5.3 Interviews 8 6. Sample 9 7. Analysing Data 10 7.1 Questionnaires 11 7.2 Interviews and Secondary data 12 8. Ethical Issues 13 Reference List 14 Question C: A new CEO has been appointed to a large organisation of 35,000 employees. Sales are static, costs are increasing and staffs appear to be unhappy. She wants to know what is going on. 1. Introduction With an organisation of huge resources, they are able to afford for a more in-depth analysis. Looking into the problem, sales can be static due to various reasons such as poor product designs, changing market trends, location of the products placed etc. Costs are increasing may be due to staff stealing the products or high overhead expenses etc. Staff appearing to be unhappy could be due to poor sales, office politics etc. This shows that the three problems may or may not be inter-related. The purpose of this essay is to look into why the company is not doing well. ...read more.


c. What factors might contribute to static sales? d. Is there a co-relation between sales, costs and attitudes of the staff? Due to the large number of sample, e-mail is used to distribute the surveys (self-administered questionnaires). Responses are almost instantaneous which shortens time. This is done for higher level of staff such as executive and management levels as they usually own a computer. The lower levels are given OAS (Optical Answer Sheet) which can later be analysed using an optical scanning system (refer to point 7 below) which helps saves time and reduces human error. The cost is low compared to mail surveys. However, wording problems may occur. E.g. Meaning of a question may differ from person to person. It can be difficult to gather a 100% response rate within a stipulated time-frame as the respondents may not response. (Zikmund 2000) 5.3 Interviews Interviews are used to collect data on why staff feels that they are unhappy which fulfils objective c as above. The questions are structured and closed. E.g. Does poor product design affect your enthusiasm to sell it? Unlike the questionnaire, interviews can help researcher to ask further in-depth on why are they unhappy. ...read more.


8. Ethical Issues There are several ethical issues which need to be considered. Participants must be ensured confidentiality and anonymity throughout the research. E.g. it must be ensured that confidentiality is given with regard to demographic issues. Participant's anonymous status will be affected if someone were to cross-reference demographic details with other variables such as sales figures as they will be individually identified. (Brewton and Millward 2001) Hence, there must be informed consent when asking them to do questionnaires or interviews. In terms of avoidance of harm, participants must not be positioned in harm and risk. E.g. Participants may be at risk of losing their job if researcher divulges that they take home large amounts of stationery which increases cost. This also enforces confidentiality and anonymity. (De Laine 2000)Also with regards to intervention and advocacy, the researcher experiences ethical dilemma whether or not to inform the organisation of such an incident. Researchers must maintain honesty and trust as it is likely to manipulate the data in order to achieve a specific result or researchers. (De George 1999)The research must be done with integrity and quality that it reaches a certain standard. E.g. A researcher can manipulate past research to make a "new" research. Lastly, the ownership of the data belongs to the organisation. It is unethical to keep the data and sell off to competing companies. ...read more.

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