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A small newsagent named 'Shah News' has decided to diversify, and begun to rent digital media to the public. It began as a small experiment, to see if it would work out in his current local area.

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Analysis Identification of Problem A small newsagent named 'Shah News' has decided to diversify, and begun to rent digital media to the public. It began as a small experiment, to see if it would work out in his current local area. To his advantage, it has become very popular because of two main reasons; because his newsagent is situated on a main road with most property being residential, and the fact that he has a highly respected reputation with the local area (mainly because of his competitive pricing of groceries, confectionary and cosmetics). He has already built a sizeable customer database, and currently he is just using a larger alternative to a notebook to store information on members and his media. He is already expending his media collection, as his member base gets larger too. He has discovered that it is possible to store information in database format on a computer, from seeing such set-up's in similar rental stores e.g. Video Box and Red Rose (incidentally, there is a Video Box branch 15 minutes walk down his main road, and a Red Rose branch another 10 minutes walk further on). He has a computer system at home, however seeing the low prices of such computers adequate for the job, he is confident to buy a new computer system purely for his computerised database. ...read more.


As an integral task, that particular media ID is deleted from the database of media available for rent. When the rental period is over and the media is returned, the ID is unassigned from the member's account, and also is put back onto the list of available media for rent. The system has to be able to accomplish tasks such as: > The ability to add new members to the user database. > The ability to view/edit/delete member details with ease. All members will have a unique ID, although it'll be impractical to have members remember their ID. Therefore, maybe a membership card system should be implemented. This can truly authenticate a member from a non-member as an added advantage to the company. > The ability to add new media to the database, and assign to it a unique ID. > The ability to create rentals by assigning media ID's to member accounts. Also, the attached ability to mark that media ID as 'rented out'. > The ability to delete rentals from a member account. Also, the attached ability to mark the media ID as 'available for rent'. > The ability to view available/rented media in summarised form, and also to delete media that is not available for rental anymore. ...read more.


Also, these backups will most likely be compatible in other database applications (making consideration for upgrading the database application in the future). Disadvantages * The system can take more memory (hard disk space, as well as RAM), as the database application has high demands for these memories. * The application might not be as precise to the specification as it could have been with the programming approach. * Although the branches will have a PC and peripherals, database applications are demanding on RAM and hard drive space, therefore it is possible that the PC's will require upgrading if the specification isn't up to the job. Thus meaning, more cost for the company. * The company will have to buy a version of a database program for every PC. This could be expensive, because as well as paying for the bespoke database, they have to pay for the program that runs it. Justification of Chosen Solution It seems clear that the manual system is out of the question. Too many disadvantages eliminate this possibility. A fully digital system has many more advantages and possibilities. The second issue, is of how the system will be made; either through a database approach or a programming language approach. It appears that the Delphi approach and the database approach seem to be on the same level as each other, in terms of advantages and disadvantages. ...read more.

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