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A2Z Travel UK Ltd A2Z Travel Uk Ltd Company Structure structure of the company, considering where the computing function is situated ] Page 1

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Organisation and Control of Computer Operations A2Z Travel UK Ltd Contents Page A2Z Travel Uk Ltd Company Structure Page 1 Description of the organisational structure of the company, considering where the computing function is situated Page 2 - 3 Structuring of Computing Jobs Page 4 - 6 Privacy Page 6 Privacy Software Page 6 - 7 Security Page 7 - 8 References Page 9 A description of the organisational structure of the company, considering where the computing function is situated. A2z Travel Uk Ltd is a medium Sized Travel coach company. The present fleet consists of: * 8 coaches (53 seaters), * 3 Mini Coaches (16 Seaters) and * 3 Minibuses (8 Seaters). A2z Travel Uk Ltd is based in Phoenix Business Park; it is situated in an area called Walsall The organisational structure of the company is quite straight forward and to the point and easy to understand. The company is split into two departments the computing department and Contracts team. Taira Zeb is the overall is the director of the company. Martin Gates is the Transport Manager of the daily operations team. He liaises with other companies to A2z Travel Uk Ltd can offer when they book with them. He explains to companies what special rates they can offer them if they book association or company booking outings. If the Company's or associations are happy to sign any contract or booking with A2z Travel Uk Ltd he passes the contact details to the contract manager make them sign a contact or booking. ...read more.


(Every evening) These back ups are stored at the main site location. Weekly back ups are also taken from the system, these back ups are taken to a secure location off site. This is done so that if data is lost or corrupt at the main site, only a weeks worth of data is lost. Backup Assistant - Frank Dean Frank Dean is responsible for backing up data on a daily basis, and ensuring all security procedures are met. Database Administrator - Wajid Gahni As the database administrator Wajid Gahni has the responsibility and the role of: - - Co-ordinating the use of data in database management systems. - Providing support to the other departments. - Any changes made to the database must be approved by DBA. - Controlling access, performance, monitoring and tuning of the database. - Working with other computing team members to make sure the database is working to the highest performance. - This DBA gives different users different access rights to the system - The DBA resolves disputes that can occur with the Database. Privacy and Security Privacy "Privacy is the claim for individuals to be left alone, free from surveillance or interference from other individuals, organisations or the state". (P59 lauden and lauden.) A2Z Travel.org has about 10 computers, which they use to keep personal data about all drivers, coaches, routes and customers. Therefore all access to customers and staff information within the company is restricted to those authorised to see it. There are formal procedures that are followed for the allocation of access rights to users such as using a secure password, never telling anyone your password, changing passwords regularly and making sure that no staff members write their passwords down, such data should be memorised. ...read more.


There are a number of ways in which it is possible to contract a virus including the use of floppy disks, downloading data from the Internet or email. To reduce these risks it is the role of the I.T security manager to have an up to date anti virus software subscription. Even more important is the task of regularly updating this software as new viruses are regularly generated. Another security step taken by the organisation is to implement firewalls on all of the P.Cs used within the company. This helps to protect data and filter out any harmful files. The role of the technician includes updating all of this software and carrying out regular checks on all of the computers. Another precaution taken by the company involves completing regular windows updates on all machines used within the company. This keeps all Microsoft software up to date so that there is less risk of contracting any viruses or experiencing any problems with any software. Technical Security - This considers the security requirements, which are related to the technology within A2Z Travel.org in particular IT networks, systems and equipment. Topics that are involved include: Hacking - This is an act to penetrate computer systems to gain knowledge about the system and how it works. A hacker is someone who is interested in computer programming and things that are related to the technical side of a computer. The damage a hacker can do is change a password so legitimate users are denied access, can smuggle another program onto the P.C, can steal credit numbers to obtain goods and services and can crash a system. A2Z Travel.org uses up to data virus protection and Microsoft firewall applications to prevent any unauthorised access to the system. ...read more.

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