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Analysis of Johnson Music

Extracts from this document...


Analysis Background of company Johnson Music (JMusic) was founded in 1901 at its current premises as a guitar shop. It specialised in trading in old guitars, refurbishing them and selling them on. At first the company had very few customers, but gradually grew. By 1910 the company had reasonable success, and started selling guitars directly from manufacturers. The founder, George Johnson, noticed that some guitar brands didn't sell very well, and others did. One guitar brand that did sell well was Ibanez guitars. The company gradually started selling more Ibanez guitars, becoming more successful for the company. In 1950 the shop stopped selling all guitars other than Ibanez guitars and became a dedicated Ibanez dealer. The company soon moved on from guitars and started selling more than that, including pedals, amplifiers and bass guitars. This is how the company currently stands. Johnson music is owned by George Johnson, the son of the founder of the company. Its current location is: Johnson Music 17 Churchgate Bolton BL1 1HU UK. The shop has two floors. One floor stores bass guitars and bass amplifiers, as well as bass effects pedals. The second floor stores guitars and guitar amplifiers as well as guitar effects pedals. The shop has two storage rooms: one upstairs and one downstairs. Downstairs stores all bass guitar products and upstairs stores all guitar products. The shop has had a constant reasonable success and has a steady customer base at present. The company is in no danger of going out of business as it currently stands. A list of products that the shop now sells includes: * Guitars * Guitar amplifiers * Bass guitars * Bass amplifiers * Guitar effects pedals * Bass guitar effects pedals * Other accessories such as guitar straps, strings and plectrums. The shop only requires a small staff base, with around 8 staff employed, which includes: five salespeople, two stock managers, and a cleaner. ...read more.


a. Yes (4) b. No (6) The answers were quite even on this question. The majority of staff hasn't worked with a company with a better system than the one currently used at Johnson Music. This could be because that company has a worse system than Johnson Music, or it could also be that they haven't worked with any other companies. Of the people that definitely have worked with another company previously, 4 people think that the system there was better than the one they currently use. 6. If yes, please give a brief description of it. ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Every person that answered this question described some sort of computerised system. One of them was an automatic system, where stock was updated automatically when a barcode was scanned. The other three people described a manual system that involved a database stored on a computer system. 7. How would you rate the current stock control system? a. Very poor (4) b. Poor (6) c. Good (0) d. Very good (0) None of the staff that filled in the questionnaire rated the current stock control system as 'good' or better. The majority thought that it was poor. This means that the majority of staff would probably welcome a new and improved stock control system. I will now e-mail Mr Johnson to ask his permission to observe his shop for a day. Observation proposal Dear Mr Johnson, Thank you for helping me research into your company so far by allowing me to conduct interviews with your staff and giving them questionnaires to fill in. I would like to make further research by conducting an observation one day in your shop to examine exactly how the sales process goes, and also to examine the stock control manager. I would like to conduct this observation on Friday 29th June, starting from when the shop opens and finishing when the last member of staff leaves the shop. ...read more.


Software requirements The first software requirement is that it must have a common user interface, so that the user can navigate through the database quickly and easily. To improve ease as much as possible and to make the database look more professional, the interface must be consistent and clear throughout. Also, the software must be easy to learn to use, and then be easy to use. The software should also perform validation checks when data is entered in by the stock control manager or any other member of staff. This will minimise human error. When queries are run, the output of the query should be shown clearly in a report. Hardware requirements The system will need to meet specific hardware requirements to run properly and with decent speed. To run Microsoft Access 2007, the operating system would have to be Windows XP or above. In this case, Windows Vista is being used as it is the most up-to-date operating system. In order to run Microsoft Access 2007 on Windows Vista the system will need at least 512 MB of RAM to run Vista, and then a further 8 MB for Microsoft Access. This means that we will be looking at around 256 MB minimum RAM for the system. It requires 170 MB of hard disk space, or a total of around 2 GB hard disk space for the Microsoft Office package. The processor speed that is required is 500 MHz or more. Peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard and printer will also be required. The interface that will be used will come with Windows Vista. The system will also require the necessary pieces of hardware in order to network two computers together. The system is now ready to be designed. Project feedback form Student name: ________________________________ Coursework title: ______________________________ End user name: ________________________________ Stage: ________________________________________ Comments: Signed: ______________________________ Date: _______________________ Appendix This appendix contains the original letters sent to and from Mr Johnson and I. It also includes a sample of filled in questionnaires. ?? ?? ?? ?? Matthew Malloy Bolton Sixth Form College 32115 8417 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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