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Backing, Storage and Memory

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Backing, Storage and Memory 1(Q). What do ROM, RAM, hard and floppy disks, magnetic tape and optical discs all have in common? 1(A). All these devices have a storage capacity and are able to keep data secure either permanently or not, in other words they are volatile or non-volatile. Some of these storage devices when data has been written to them they can't get rid of it, but this is not true in all cases e.g. a CD-RW. 2(Q). Explain the meanings of the words volatile and non-volatile when applied to computer storage media. 2a(A). Volatile in meaning is used to describe data that is vulnerable and that can be lost when the system is powered down. Non-volatile is the opposite. 2b(Q). Which of the media in Question 1 are non-volatile? 2b(A). ROM, hard and floppy disks, magnetic tape and optical disks are all non-volatile from question 1. 3(Q) ...read more.


3c(Q) When a word-processed document is completed, it is saved to a hard disk drive. Give two reasons why the hard disk drive is needed. 3c(A) It is needed in order to store data and software; it is also used to prevent the user from needing to carry around other storage pieces of hardware. 4(Q) Why are optical discs often referred to as CD-ROMs? 4(A) ROM stands for read only memory and they store data optically, which is why optical discs are often referred to as CD-ROMs. 5(Q) A random access medium allows data to be recovered in any order. Only one of the media mentioned in Question 1 does not allow random access. Which one is it? 5(A) The ROM media device doesn't allow random access. 6(Q) What type of backing storage would be most suitable for each of the following situations? ...read more.


6d(Q) Distributing computer training materials including about 90 minutes of video. 6d(A) A DVD-ROM disk would be the most suitable media in this case especially for the video files as in DVD format high quality would be available for the video length. Also a DVD-ROM disk would have a high storage capacity that is preferable for large files such as video files that take up a lot of space. 6e(E) Distributing a parts catalogue consisting of about 200MB of data to many thousands of customers. 6e(E) Although some computers are not equipped with a CD drive most modern ones today are and therefore a CD-ROM would be the most efficient storage media to put into use for this problem. They have sufficient storage capacity for the catalogue. They are non-volatile, they can be read and have random access. The most important feature though is they cannot be written to or overwritten which is important for keeping the data secure. ?? ?? ?? ?? Richard Mealing Theory 30/04/07 ...read more.

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