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Betting Shop computer investigation

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Date Created Monday 5th May 2008 Ruth Sutton The task given to me for the following essay was: - Assume you have been called in to investigate suspected incidences of computer crime enacted through the computer system at a local betting office. Describe how you would conduct the search and seizure operation. Also explain why you would conduct the operation in the manner you describe. Keywords: - Electronic, Evidence, Investigation, Computers, Seizure, Forensic, Computing Introduction I was recently given the task of Head of Forensic Computing Investigation into Operation Gamble. Operation Gamble had been in place for over 12 weeks, in this time it had become obvious that there was every possibility that some kind of computer crimes were being committed on a everyday basis. This job entails making sure that nothing is overlooked, that everything is done in a methodical manner, everything needs logging in one way or another. There are many things to think about , and many that need acting upon, decisions often need to be made on site at the time of the search. Hopefully this essay will inform the reader of a little knowledge into the world of forensic computing investigation. Also that it will become clear that the successful prosecution of offenders means that the investigation must be done thoroughly from start to finish. ...read more.


Mobile Phones 8. Cd's & Dvd's 9. PDA All these items could be relevant in gaining evidence as they all may contain relevant data. My reasons for each item were as follows: - 1. Computer - This is obvious that looking for forensic data the desktop computer could hold lots of evidence. 2. Laptop - Same reasons as above. 3. Usb Stick - This could also contain data. 4. Digital Camera - may contain images or even files of any data 5. Printer - Printers have their own memory now so this could contain much needed evidence. 6. Scanner - May have been used to scan fraudulent documents (if there is any damage or imperfections to the glass this could show that a particular document was created with its use. 7. Mobile Phones - Mobile phones have own operating system, could contain not only contacts but also images, files, and time logs etc, lots of relevant data. 8. Cd's & Dvd's - Another item that could contain lots of data. 9. PDA - This like a mobile phone has its own operating system and could be used to store relevant data, contacts, time logs etc. Before any searches in drawers or anything was moved the whole area was photographed, picturing where all the above items were exactly in relation to the shop. ...read more.


Next was the issue of transportation, this would need to be done strategically so as not to damage any possible data evidence. These would have to be kept away from any magnetic fields, e.g. speakers, radios etc, so they were removed with a van that had storage boxes within so as the seized equipment would not get too warm, cold, or anything else happen to them. Evaluating the Evidence This is where the real investigation continues, and where more light may be shed on the situation concerning electronic data found. Encase was used to image the hard drive of the desktop computer and laptop, and various other software was used for the acquisition of the other electronic items. Once imaged work would begin on searching labouredly through the data. To finish this investigation could take quite a few man-hours, as there is so much data to work through. Now is when this case is turned over to the other specialists that I work alongside. Conclusion Alas my work has ended now in this case as I have finished my job of searching the crime scene and seizing the evidence, after a full week of preparation before the actual search, I am quite pleased with the result. I am no clearer about any crimes that were or may have been committed, but hopefully due to myself carrying out the investigation thoroughly I have led the way for a successful prosecution to go ahead. ...read more.

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