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Business blue print document for the implementation of SAP R/3 (4.6B) payroll at Mastek LTD. Mumbai.

Extracts from this document...


BUSINESS BLUE PRINT DOCUMENT FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF SAP R/3 (4.6B) PAYROLL AT MASTEK LTD. MUMBAI BY Sagar Toshniwal _______________ ______________________ ______________________ Sign off Date Signature Customer Signature Consulting TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 PAYROLL - INDIA 3 1.1 PROCESS FLOW 4 1.2 MASTEK PAYROLL IN INDIA 8 1.3 PAYROLL BASICS 13 1.4 GROSS PART OF PAYROLL 14 1.5 NET PART OF PAYROLL 15 1.6 SUBSEQUENT ACTIVITIES 16 1.7 POSTING TO ACCOUNTING 21 1.8 REPORTS 26 2.0 UNITED STATES PAYROLL 29 2.1 COMPENSATION FOR USA 30 2.2 USA SPECIFIC BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION 34 2.3 STANDARD SAP US PAYROLL FEATURES 36 2.4 MSI US PAYROLL - GROSS PROCESSING 40 2.5 THE PAYROLL PROCESS 42 2.6 US PAYROLL REPORTING 44 1.0 PAYROLL - INDIA Purpose Mastek will be able to use this component to calculate the remuneration for work done for each employee. However, Payroll does not just involve the calculation of remuneration, but consists of a variety of processes that are important due to the employer's increased obligation to supply benefits and medical welfare. These benefits are products of: - * Labour laws * Tax laws * Contribution laws * Benefits laws 1.1 PROCESS FLOW Integration Payroll can be integrated in Personnel Administration, Time Management and Accounting: - * Standardized data retention enables you to use master data and other payroll relevant data from Personnel Administration. * Time data, entered via Time Management, is automatically included in the Payroll and is valuated during the payroll run. * Information on expenses and payables from Payroll is posted for accounting directly in Financial Accounting, and you assign the costs to the appropriate cost center / internal order. Through payroll Mastek can also control the financial system of third-party providers. Features The System calculates the gross and net pay, which comprises the individual payments and deductions that are calculated during a payroll period, and are received by an employee. ...read more.


* Customize Reporting for posting to Accounting The individual components involved in posting to Accounting can be organized as follows: * All components are in the same clients of the R/3 System. * The accounting components are in a different system to the Payroll application component. This could be a different R/3 System, an R/2 System, or a third-party system. If the individual components are distributed in various systems, see setting up Posting to accounting. * Reporting for posting payroll results to Accounting * Posting documents * In Customizing for Cross-Application Components under Scenarios 'Posting payroll results to Accounting'. Features Posting to Accounting allows you to perform the following functions: - * Post retroactive accounting runs * Posting to special periods * Create cross-company code transactions * Post results using personnel numbers * Post results to employee customer and vendor accounts * Post results to substitute cost centers * Post results to fixed cost centers * Provide data for Personnel Cost Planning 1.8 REPORTS Purpose You can create reports and statistics using this component. 1.8.1 The Statutory Reports Payroll-India caters to the following legal reports for these functionalities: - * Provident Fund * Employee State Insurance * Professional Tax * Labour Welfare Fund PF Monthly Reports * Provident Fund report for Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (RPFC): - 1. Form 5 - Return for employees' qualifying for membership for the month 2. Form 10 - Return of the members leaving service during the month 3. Form 12A - Statement of contributions for the month * Pension Fund report for exempted Trusts (Though this is not applicable for Mastek, this is for the information only): - 1. Form 4 - Return of members leaving service 2. Form 5E - Return of the members leaving service during the month 3. Form 6 - Statement of contributions for the month ESI Reports 1. Form 6 2. Form 7 These reports are generated every half-year, in the months of October and April for the preceding contribution period. ...read more.


The Benefits Integration component allows benefits-related deductions and contributions entered in master data to be processed during net payroll processing. Integration This component integrates the Payroll component with the Benefits component. Deduction and contribution amounts can be remitted to benefits providers using functionality from the Third Party Remittance component. 2.5 THE PAYROLL PROCESS 2.6 US PAYROLL REPORTING Introduction The R/3 HR Payroll System provides all regulatory and tax reports required by U.S. federal and state law, such as SUI reports for state unemployment agencies, W-2 reports for the federal and state governments, and the Multiple Worksite Report for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Additional payroll reports are available for other business purposes, such as the New Hire Report. These reports allow efficient evaluation of payroll data and ensure compliance with government regulations. Integration Payroll reports access information from all HR Infotypes and evaluate data from HR Time Management and HR Organizational Management as well as HR Personnel Administration. Features R/3 Payroll offers numerous internal and regulatory reports, including: * New Hire Reporting * Tax Reporter for federal and state reports Law requires companies to report the results of their payroll calculation to several tax authorities, including the federal government and many state and local governments. This component enables you to produce regulatory reports for government authorities in the format required by each authority. Reports that Tax Reporter supports include Form 940 - Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return, Form 941 - Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, Form W-2 - Wage and Tax Statement, the 1099-R form and the Multiple Worksite Report. NOTE:-In case of MASTEK the above reports may be provided by ADP since ADP shall be responsible for running net payroll and doing all calculations and deductions for the same. SIEMENS MASTEK Accelerated SAP - Business Blueprint ______________________________________________________________________ (c) SIEMENS INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD. Page 4 of 45 CONFIDENTIAL Accelerated SAP - Business Blueprint Accelerated SAP - Business Blueprint Accelerated SAP - Business Blueprint ______________________________________________________________________ (c) SIEMENS INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD. Page 25 of 45 CONFIDENTIAL Accelerated SAP - Business Blueprint ______________________________________________________________________ (c) SIEMENS INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD. Page 45 of 45 CONFIDENTIAL ...read more.

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