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Car Insurance System: Analysis

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Monday 19th September 2005 Coursework Identification Problem: Car Insurance There is a company called BlackBurry's, who supply car insurance. They have thousands of costumers all over the UK. Every year they have to send out a reconfirmation mail sent out to all of their clients. Each year they ask a different member of staff, to write the letter another to file all of the reconfirmation mails, which have been returned back to the company from their clients, and another to process all of them. They have a group of 20 members of staff, which work on creating the databases, which have to meet every day to work on this together. They have a secutary which has to sit by the phone all day, and has to call certain members of staff in the complex, phone back this client, as they are unable of any other forms of communication which, except for snail mail (post) ...read more.


And to help them create a logo and website for them. I will solve this problem by creating a LAN (local area network) throughout the complex, and a wireless LAN in some of the other parts of the complex, so partners will be able to take their laptop, anywhere in the building and they will be able to connect, print, share recourses, so they can share printer, and they will be able to edit a databases for all the clients in real time. I will be implementing a new set of computers (desktops) and/Laptops. Suitable specifications for a desktop for this business, taking in account that a large percentage of their systems will only be used for data and word processing: For the desktops 512MB of RAM (random access memory) ...read more.


RAM is usually used for primary storage in computers to hold actively-used code used in programmes.) A 40-60 GB (Giga Byte) Hard drive will be sufficient, as most of the software will be stored on a local Network server. (Network: A computer system attached to a LAN that runs a Network Operating System, NOS, allowing a community of workstations connected to the LAN to access resources available on the file server such as disk storage and printers. Also known as a Client/Server relationship.) (Hard Drive: The hard drive is the main storage capacity of a computer. A set of circular, flat, platter-shaped pieces of metal, each with a special coating of magnetic particles that is capable of storing electronically created data. You can think of your hard drive as a filing cabinet within and for your computer.) 512 RAM will be sufficient, for high demanding applications, ...read more.

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