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Case study AGSM

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Shinder Singh BSAD 184 Case study AGSM A good mission statement provides strategic vision and direction for the organization. A mission statement is a key tool that can be as important as business plan. It captures, in a few sentences, the essence of business's goals and the philosophies underlying them. Goals and objectives are the short term measures used to get there. However, in the case of AGSM the mission statement seemed to be too broad and does not seem to be focused to the goals that AGSM want to reach. A more clear and understandable mission and vision could have been created. More specific goals and objectives have been included and equally important, the mission statement should signals and give direction what business are all about to all stakeholders of AGSM. Throughout this paper I will discuss how to revise the mission statement and its goals and objectives to make it more focused and attainable. Once the mission is more focused, more opportunities will arise for all stakeholders. ...read more.


California by doing scholarly research and offering high-quality business programs in a student-centered learning environment to the scholarly community, business manager and the public." This mission give signals to stakeholders that AGSM is best business school in Southern California. Completing the accreditation process is the beginning process of becoming a better school. The AGSM did not achieve the mission they want to achieve earlier because of the mission statement was too ambitious and school was tiny and unknown. To complete the accreditation process AGSM must show the AACSB that they have the capabilities to achieve their mission and goals. In my opinion if the AGSM want to complete the accreditation process they should take step by step to achieve the mission. According to the mission statement that I suggested, first thing AGSM should do is that they must establish themselves as one of top business school in Southern California. They should start by the short term goals and if that is achieved, would lead to move to achieve long term goals. ...read more.


AGSM strengthening both undergraduate and graduate program at the UCR is a major opportunity for AGSM to capitalize on, instead of focusing only on graduate program. The data shows that there is increase demand for undergraduate business program over MBA program. UC Berkley and UCLA both have large MBA recruitment. Only Berkley offers an undergraduate business program, but enrollment is still less than the MBA enrollment. Both schools are in the top 16 of full time MBA programs. AGSM can use both schools as model of success. Many of AGSM's resources are attained through the undergraduate program. The undergraduate program is of value and can be used for internal recruitment. All the goals can be achieved once the mission statement is clear, focused, and easily attainable. With a clear mission statement, many problem can be solved and accreditation will be completed much sooner. AGSM should take the goals of its mission one at a time and at each step they should revise their mission statement as their goals are met. By doing this they would reach their goals sooner and will be nationally recognized. ...read more.

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