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Case Study. LEGAL ISSUES-: Data Protection Act. Whiteman Leisure must ensure that the information that they are dealing with, must be fully protected from unauthorized access

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´╗┐Tannim PashaUnit 03- Information Systems16/11/11 Actions in which Whiteman leisure can take to tackle the issues by the legal, ethical and operational implications (M2) LEGAL ISSUES-: Data Protection Act. Whiteman Leisure must ensure that the information that they are dealing with, must be fully protected from unauthorized access. They are also handling private data in which the members would not like WLC to pass onto other sources; therefore the Data Protection Act plays a major part in the day to day running of the organization. Whiteman Leisure must use the data that is given to them for the original purpose that is stated. By handling a confirmation of purchase, such as the information and data which is passed onto the admin team from the customers who began a membership, means that the confirmation of the purpose, as well as the membership details cannot be used for purposes other than that subject. Whiteman Leisure can keep track of each data which enters the organizations systems, and to ensure that the member of staffs are aware of the protection which is required for each piece of data that enters the ...read more.


Before WLC hand out the information to the customer, there are some areas in which WLC need to check before handing over the data or view the document. They need to ask the customer specific questions regarding their details so that they are sure that the customer who is wishing to view their information, is not an imposter or a fraud. After these questions are successfully answered, then the information can be handed over on the basis that has been laid out by WLC or the customer themselves. By taking these steps, WLC can keep the customer within their limits, and prevent WLC from breaking the company policy in regards to the act. LEGAL ISSUES-: Computer Misuse Act. The Computer Misuse Act applies to every organization that is in possession of a computer system. As WLC have computer systems set up in place, there are steps that they should take in order to abide by this law, and to keep all information stored on these systems safe and secure. ...read more.


1. A business continuation plan: It is very important for Whiteman Leisure to have a contingency plan in place, to ensure the business can continue running as normal if an unforeseen crisis occurs within the organisation. A contingency plan can be created by backing up systems/files as well as ensuring security software are installed in every system or server, to prevent the system from being vulnerable to serious attacks. There are various methods in which they can backup their data, the first being to replace old files with the latest ones. This is an important factor to take into consideration as you should ensure the most recent files are saved, so you can retrieve them at a later stage if the system was to crash so you can continue running the business as normal. Another example could be if a supplier was to go bankrupt and cease in supplying the goods, The Purchasing & Administration team within WLC would need to have a backup supplier in place. However this needs to be planned and set up before a problem actually occurs within the organization and causes severe chaos. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

Overall this is a very succinct and accurate document which pinpoints some of the things an organisation would need to address to conform to legislation and wider than that, things which are considered to be socially and ethically acceptable.

It poses some interesting questions and makes the reader think about certain elements of an organisations responsibility towards its customers and employees.

The document is balanced and well written. The quality of written communication is good. Four stars could be lifted to five by addressing some of the points in the comments for example by using some examples.

Marked by teacher Adam Roberts 01/03/2013

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