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Compare the limitations of three different graphic software applications from the general categories of commercial, open source and pre-installed free graphics in packages like Microsofts Paint or Apples iphoto

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This page covers [M1] Compare the limitations of three different graphic software applications from the general categories of commercial, open source and pre-installed 'free' graphics in packages like Microsoft's Paint or Apple's iphoto or KolourPaint for Solaris/Linux. Compare each application's limitations with regard to ease of use, range of features, cost, compatibility and support. Write between 300 - 500 words. SOFTWARE LIMITATIONS EASE OF USE RANGE OF FEATURES COSTS COMPATIBILITY SUPPORT Software 1 commercial software e.g. Photoshop Photoshop allows you to save a file type relative to Photoshop (PSD) which will allow you to create a logo and images edit all the existing properties of an image without you have to create the image again. Adobe Photoshop is easy software to use and get the hang of in no time. ...read more.


Ranging from around 100-400 pound. Photoshop is compatible with almost all of the image formats, the main ones are files such as; Jpeg, Gif, Png, Bitmap, EPS Etc. Adobe Photoshop has a loads of customers support to help you with any problemmes that may occur when using the software. One solution is that you can download a top browser solution which gives you a list of the main problems that people encounter while using the program. They also have upgrade policies and they give you the option to get a replacement CD. Software 2 Open source software e.g. GIMP Gimp is mainly used as an image editing tool. It is suitable for people who are new with the program and can be used for professional work. ...read more.


Paint This programme that Pre-installed on all windows operating systems. It is not so popular for using to do professional work with but its quick use of capably is useful. Paint does not have a lot of features due to not being a high maintained programme, but it has features such as free form select, eraser/colour eraser, fill with colour, pick colour, air brush etc. Being a programme that comes pre-installed with all windows based programmes, this programme is free of charge. Paint is not compatible with a lot of files, but it is compatible with Jpeg, Bitmap, Gif (without animation or transparency) PNG & Tiff. Windows Paint will give you technical support because it is part of Microsoft's pre-installed software and any problems found in Microsoft paint, Microsoft will give you technical support if needed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 18 - ICT Graphics Ahmed Omar Abdi Mohammed ...read more.

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