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Compile a report for a Malaysian company Myson Vacuum Cleaners who have decided to set up a production plant in Swansea.

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> Background I was asked to compile a report for a Malaysian company Myson Vacuum Cleaners who have decided to set up a production plant in Swansea. As part of this process, they need to house various Malaysian workers for five years within the Swansea area to supervise the setting up of the factory. The following report surveyed three and four bedroomed properties within Swansea and its surrounding area, and indicates the cost of housing their staff based on properties currently available from local letting agencies. For this survey I decided to go through the main established estate agents that let houses in Swansea. I decided to choose the most established agencies due to their established history and reliability. However, I have also chosen to include Homehunters, which is solely a letting agency so that we could have some sort of comparison between the 'estate agents' and the more common 'letting agent'. ...read more.


I have created individual spreadsheets for each individual agency that I have used as an information source. Each individual spreadsheet shows the monthly rental cost, the bond needed in the first month of occupation, the administration fee where applicable, cost of credit searches and guarantor fees also where applicable. They also show the average rental per calendar month, the total start up costs for first month of occupancy, the cost for the remaining eleven months of the year, the total rent payable for the first year, the average yearly cost based on the amount of people able to occupy the amount of spaces given in the total sum of houses available from each agency, the full five year rental cost and the average cost per person over the five year period. > Data and price comparison All the available properties where compared on the same criteria apart from the agencies which had extra fees payable such as credit searches, guarantor fees and tenancy renewals. ...read more.


The average cost per occupant for the established estate agents (not Homehunters) over a five year period was just under �10,400. The letting agent surveyed (Homehunters) was �23,204 for the five year period. > Conclusion To conclude, the established estate agents surveyed provide greater reliability and a wider range of properties than the letting agents surveyed and are on average half the price per property of the letting agent concerned over a five year period, when based on three bedroomed properties currently available. The estate agents give Myson Vacuum Cleaners more security as all have been established over ten years. They are more able, on the data surveyed, to provide furnished properties in the less expensive areas in and around Swansea. As mentioned before, and explained by all estate agents, four bedroomed properties are currently scarce. There was however one surveyed at Darlows where costs per person over five years were �11,524. This is currently, the only four bedroomed property available at any of the surveyed letting agents. Quantitative Techniques For Business ...read more.

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