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Computer Addiction

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In this easy regarding computer addiction I will focus on the definition of computer addiction, Psychological symptoms, Physical symptoms, the current situation and treatments for addiction. I have also researched about computer addiction by visiting some internet websites. Through class discussion I have discussed three different case studies which I will discuss throughout the essay. Personally I think computer addiction is not really a big problem because there are not any physical symptoms instead of some Psychological symptoms which I have heard about. I also think that there are some other problems which are being covered under computer addiction. Computer addiction or more widely recognised as computer overuse, it is the use of computer for the most part of your time that interferes with the daily life. In medical terms a disorder in which the individual turns to the internet or plays computer games in an attempt to change moods, overcome worries, deal with depression, reduce loneliness or distract themselves from overwhelming problems. The elderly, as well as children and young people are mainly at risk because they may not realize the level of their dependency. ...read more.


As time passed she started to use the computer more and more and recently the hour she is spending on the computer has gain duration of more than ten hours. She is anxious if her husband finds out about her behaviour, he may question whether she is neglecting the children and can inform social services. If I carefully analyse Lucy's daily life, I can find that as a divorced mother of two children she has to spend most of her time at home. She does not have anyone to speak to, she gets bored and over stressed etc... All these circumstances force her to use the computer, due to the only available activity at home which relief her stress and lead to a situation where she has become a computer addict. My last case study is about a married woman, known as Paula who began playing poker online as she was unable to get night out at bingo. She began betting small amounts but after a large win of �2000, she is beginning to find it ever more difficult to stop. Her habit causing argument between her and her husband and she has also began hiding credit card statements so he doesn't know how much she is spending on the poker site. ...read more.


in which they plan a daily schedule, set time for computer usage, keep a log moods when they go online and match time spent online with time spent socializing face to face and taking part in non computer related activities. Addicted people should seek advice focusing on other areas for needed skill development such as problem solving, assertiveness, social skills, overcoming shyness and anger control, and also the medical treatment for other disorders like depression or anxiety. The other people such as relatives or friends should be a good role model for the addicted person by well managing the computer use in their own life. They can help them by introducing to some other people who handles their computer use sensibly, getting them involved in some other fun activities, talking about the concerns with their computer use, supporting their desire for change if they think they have a problem and encouraging them to seek professional counseling. Through researching computer addiction my views are mostly changed now. I have found that there are some Physical symptoms and many Psychological symptoms which make Computer Addiction a matter which needs serious attention. ?? ?? ?? ?? Muhammad Waqas Mian Key skills Level_3 Essay ________________________________________________________________________________ 1 ...read more.

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