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Computer Architecture

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Task 1 (P1) Describe using examples how numeric and alphanumeric data can be coded within a computer system. Finding the negative value of -74 (using use of Two's Complement Signed Byte) This shows how numbers are represented in a computer. So we invert -74 to +74 Step1) 01001010 (this is the binary for 74) Step2) 10110101 (Invert as One's Compliment) Step 3) 00000001 (Add One) ________________________ 10110110 (This gives us Two's Compliment) - 128 1 64 0 32 1 16 1 8 0 4 1 2 1 1 0 -128+32+16+4+2 = -74 Using the word Hello in ASCII code. This shows how letters are represented in a computer. (Upper case letters and lower case letters.) Glyph Binary H 01001000 E 01000101 L 01001100 L 01001100 O 01001111 h 01101000 e 01100101 l 01101100 l 01101100 o 01101111 Hello becomes: 0100100001100101011011000110110001101111 Task 2 (P2) Describe how analogue data can be converted and stored in computer systems Analogue data needs to be sampled in order to be processed by a computer. As computers deal in One's and Zero's it can only record specific intervals. For example, when recording a sound that gradually gets louder over a minute, a digital recording could record the level of sound every second, but would lose the information between seconds. ...read more.


Task 5 (P7) Describe the operation of logic gates using truth tables * NOT * AND (2 inputs) * OR (2 inputs) Consider how these three main gates can be combined * NOR (2 inputs) NOT Logic Gate also known as (Inverter) The output is "true" when only one input is "false." Otherwise, the output is "false". A Not gate is a logic gate which reverses the state of the input. AND Logic Gate The output is "true" when both inputs are "true." Otherwise, the output is "false." OR Logic Gate The output is "true" if either one or both of the inputs are "true." If both inputs are "false," then the output is "false." These three main logic gates can be used to make other possible combinations of logic gates such as a NOR gate. NOR Logic Gate The NOR gate is a combination of an OR gate followed by an inverter. The output is "true" if both inputs are "false." Otherwise, the output is "false." Task 6 (M1) Explain using examples how data travels around the processor Task 7 (M2) Create logic circuits using simple logic gates and provide truth tables This is a circuit that shows binary addition. ...read more.


Special Features: Virtualization -Virtualization also known as a virtual machine makes it possible to run multiple operating systems on one computer. SpeedStep Technology - SpeedStep Technology is built into some new Intel processors this can be used to change the clock speed by using a piece of software. Speed Step Technology allows the processor to keep up with performed operations. It greatly reduces power consumption and heat loss. Smart Fetch Technology - Smart Fetch Technology allows the processor core to enter a "halt" state and draw less power, which reduces CPU power consumption. Recommendation: Both processors have Quad-Core technology and 64 bit computing, however the difference is in the Clock speed, Cache memory and the extra features. Both processors have similar special features such as the AMD Rapid Virtualization Indexing and the Intel Virtualization Technology. Although the Intel core 2 quad processor q9650 has no L3 cache I think that the higher clock speed and L2 cache more than makes up for not having any L3 cache. Not to mention the Intel core 2 quad processor q9650 has Speed Step Technology which makes for a much greater performance. The Intel core 2 quad processor q9650 is more expensive but it is a price worth paying for such a greater performance. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 18-Computer Architecture Assignment 1 Business and Computing 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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