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Computer Maintainance - anti-virus, cookie deletion, drive scanning

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Assignment 3: Computer Maintenance * Security: 1. Virus protection: PCs can be attacked by viruses, worms and Trojans arriving with emails and access to the internet. Antivirus software checks for intruders. It attempts to trace viruses by spotting the virus signature. Hackers try and adopt cloaking techniques such as polymorphing. As soon as hackers write new viruses, so do anti-virus companies produce updates for their software. The anti-virus software companies maintain a database of information about viruses, their profiles and signatures. Users can subscribe to an annual subscription which can be downloaded from the internet or a CD can also be brought from local stores. This subscription offers new updates automatically each time the computer starts. Having the most up to date virus information file, scanning your system frequently and avoiding opening emails that may contain viruses is the best advice. The main defence against viruses is to subscribe to a reliable anti-virus software company. If the software detects a virus it may automatically stop the corrupt file and quarantine it and ask the user what steps to take. The user can then decide if they would like to delete it or send it to the company for further analysis. 2. Firewall: Firewall builds a protective barrier around computers that are connected to internet network, so that only authorised programs can access data on a particular computer. ...read more.


This selectivity is an essential part of any information management program, and involves not only protecting private information assets, but also knowing who has access to what. Privileges can be granted or declined. Firewall utilities can be found in most antivirus software and are easy to use, the software should prompt you if you would like to allow access to internet? 3. Ant spyware: Document how and why we do the following: 1. The safe cleaning of hardware e.g. keyboard, mouse, displays and ventilation grills. Keyboard cleaning: The computer keyboard is often the most germ infected items in your home. Cleaning it can help remove any dangerous bacteria. Dirt, dust and hair can also build up causing the keyboard to not function properly. * The steps below show how to clean a keyboard. - Before cleaning the keyboard first turn off the computer. - If you're using a USB keyboard unplug it. - An effective method is to use compressed air. - Compressed air is pressurized air contained in a can with a very long nozzle. - Aim the air between the keys and this should blow away all of the dust and debris that has gathered. - A vacuum cleaner can also be used. * The steps below show how to clean a monitor. ...read more.


While cookie files are quite small, they can still build up and slow down your system performance. When too many cookies are allowed to accumulate, those unneeded files can bog down the system and cause it to run more slowly than it should. By taking the time to delete the cookies and temporary Internet files from your computer, you can increase the speed and performance of your web browsing software. Sufficient hard drive space is an important consideration for computer users, and deleting cookies on a regular basis will free space on your hard drive. When you start to run low on hard drive space, you may notice a decrease in performance and an increase in the number of system crashes. That is because the operating system will use hard drive space to mimic physical memory, and if sufficient space is not available, the performance of the computer will suffer. Clearing that hard drive space by deleting your cookies can increase the performance of your computer. While many cookies are harmless, others can be used to track your every move on the Internet. Businesses often use these tracking cookies to study consumer behaviour, but many computer users consider them an invasion of privacy. By setting your web browser to delete cookies each time you close your browser, you can thwart these tracking attempts and reduce the risk of a security breach. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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