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Computer Protection and Maintainance Report

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To: bigboss From: nmsmith Subject: Utility Softwares Dear Big Boss I hope you have received the machine in good working order. Now that you have the machines, there are several pieces of 'Utility Software' that should be installed on your machine in order to assist with the smooth running and protection of the machine. There are four main categories for this Protection Virus To protect the computer from malicious software that can break the machine. Firewall To prevent hackers and malicious programs making internet connections for bad purposes. Clean-up tools These provide no protection; however they remove unnecessary files and registry entries. They can also remove spy ware sometimes. Disk Formatting These tools are useful only when formatting the disk drive. This doesn't normally need to be done, unless there is a severe problem with the OS. There are several programs that fit in each category, and there are advantages and disadvantages to each application. These can include Cost, Resource Footprint and usability. ...read more.


10/10 2. Inbound Protection Only 4/10 3. Minimal Interface- set and forget style (with occasional alerts) 4/10 4. LOW power foot print 9/10 Total Score 27/40 The windows firewall is an effective and quite protective measure for securing a windows machine although it only has INBOUND protection, so if a virus is transmitting bad data, the WINDOWS firewall will not protect you. ZoneAlarm Firewall 1. The Free Version is FREE (although a pro version can be bought) 10/10 2. Inbound + Outbound Protection Alerts for each program 9/10 3. Complicated, but comprehensive interface (STOP BUTTON) 6/10 4. HIGH power footprint 4/10 Total Score 29/40 Zone Alarm- Firewall Specialists for a long time. Will protect both ways and will request permissions for every program it does not recognise. I highly recommend this software as it provides strong and reliable protection. Clean Up Tools Registry Doctor 1. This software costs money (�17.50) 3/10 2. This software fixes registry errors, backs up the system, and adjusts the registry for speed. ...read more.


Windows formatting tool 1. This software is free with windows. 8/10 2. The software will perform a high level software format. 5/10 3. You can only format a drive that windows isn't using. 3/10 4. You can format a drive to any FS type provided the disk supports it. 7/10 Total Score 23/40 Windows formatting tool isn't very powerful, is noisy if formatting a hard drive, and is very slow. Although if doing a quick format it will be a bit quicker. You can use your OS, but incredibly slowly. Conclusion Based on the above statistics I would recommend this software: * NOD32 Anti Virus * Zone-Alarm PRO Firewall * QuickSys Reg De-Frag * DBAN - Boot and Nuke I have done my best to always provide a free alternative, but it will not always be the best option. You should make your own decision based, on the facts above, and the software manufacturer's website. I put my faith into EVERY product I have mentioned. I hope this email will help you to decide what you need to use to make the computer you will shortly be receiving, the best machine for miles around!. Best Regards Nick ...read more.

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