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Computer Security.

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  • Essay length: 2362 words
  • Submitted: 12/12/2003
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AS and A Level Computer Science

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Computer Security

By Alexander Gosling

Security of data

Security of data involves the protection of data from anything that could destroy it, or introduce errors to it, as this may corrupt data.

Things such as hazards, for example fires and floods, or another person gaining access to the data and damaging it, can destroy data.

The security of data is very important, as many people store extremely important documents on their computers, for example bank or health records which may contain personal and confidential information about a person, which when discovered could cause major problems. If somebody were to discover another persons bank details through data being insecure, money could be taken from their account, which would cause confusion and disruption for everybody. Data does need to be kept secure, and there are many ways to do this, for example by backing up data or putting passwords on your files.

How data and software can sometimes not be secure

There are a large number of ways in which data and software cannot be secure, in some of the following situations:

* Files can

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