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Computing Project

Extracts from this document...


Analysis 1. Background to/identification of the problem I came up with my project idea through a problem my friend, a shop clerk, who runs a DVD rental shop, had faced. He used to rent out DVDs to his registered customers for the price of �1.50 for old DVD's and �3.00 for DVD's which are pretty new but the problem was that he had to do everything without a computer system which made his job quite difficult for him. So I have decided to make a system for his video rental shop as my project which would make it easier for him. The general environment is him behind a counter surrounded by loads of DVDs so he is the only person who works in the shop, there is no staff but sometimes when required, he may get someone to cover for him if needed. The current system in operation works by a customer registering with the rental shop first they then receive their unique membership number which they then quote every time they want to rent a DVD out and then pay the rental price for that DVD. The shop clerk then looks for this membership number through a file which contains all the registered customers and their membership numbers, arranged in order from smallest to biggest and every time a new customer registers they get the next available membership number with in the file. The problem with the current system is that everything is done manually which is really time consuming and may get much difficult to maintain when and if the total number of members for that shop exceeds over 500, as looking for the membership numbers through a list of over 500 can take along time to find. For a solution to this problem I am aiming to come up with a system which will try to reduce the amount of time being spent while dealing with rentals and come up with a computerised system. ...read more.


rest of the fields have data entered in them And error message should pop up As expected 26 Rent Out A DVD When a DVD is not selected but the rest of the fields have data entered in them And error message should pop up As expected 27 Rent Out A DVD When a Price for a DVD is left blank but the rest of the fields have data entered in them And error message should pop up As expected 28 Rent Out A DVD When A Member is trying to rent out more than 3 DVDs And error message should pop up As Expected 29 Rent Out A DVD Renting out a DVD that is already on loan And error message should pop up As Expected 30 Rent Out A DVD Printing the receipt A confirmation message pops up As Expected 31 Returning A DVD Returning A DVD A confirmation message should pop up and the record should be deleted As Expected 32 Returning A DVD When a member has not been selected An error message should pop up As Expected 33 Loans Overdue Testing whether the button to activate a query works. A confirmation message should pop up and a list of all the overdue loans should be listed As expected 34 Loans Testing whether the overdue loans list prints out A confirmation message should pop up and the overdue loans list should print out. As expected 35 Register A Member Testing whether the input masks work The input mask should only accept the data in the format its setup to accept A As expected System maintenance 1. System Overview This is a DVD Rental System which is used by a user who owns a DVD renting shop. Though a username and password facility the user/shop clerk is able register members to the shop giving them the opportunity to rent DVD's from his shop. ...read more.


This will allow me to use the benefits of both solutions. * Setup tables in Access and relate to the Delphi program * Create fields and adjust them easily in Access, an also create validation rules. * It will give me more contrail with the Delphi programming language to carry out complicated tasks. * More freedom with display and layout of the program in Delphi. * Don't have to worry about complex file handling The disadvantages: * Will still need to purchase a copy of Microsoft Access * Need to know how to link both programs together Justification of Chosen Solution The solution I've decided to use is to use both the software developing program together with Microsoft Access. I reached my decision after concluding with the shop clerk who said this was the better than the other 2 solutions. Using this solution will give me more control on the size and layout of the system. It will give me the opportunity to make it user friendly and make it easier to use. Delphi will allow me to use more programming code and I will be able create much more complicated processes using this programming language. Using an application package would give me limited control on the layout and structure of the program which in turn will reduce the user friendliness of the system, but how ever this could be overcome this using Delphi. I can use the application package to easily create related tables with the required fields and then link them to the Delphi program. I will need to create tables which will store member details, DVD details, and Loan details. Handling the tables and validating is easier and simpler in Access. I can use the inbuilt validation options in Access to make sure data is valid before it's stored in the tables. So in conclusion I think using a mix of Access and Delphi I will be able to come up with a solution which best meets the user's requirements. ?? ?? ?? ?? AQA Computing Coursework Kamrul Hassan ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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