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Computing Project

Extracts from this document...


Table of Contents Analysis Background to/Identification of the Problem 1 Identification of the prospective user 2 Justification of the chosen Solution 2 Questionnaire 2 Identification of the user needs and Acceptable Limitations 3 Realistic Appraisal of the feasibility if potential solutions 3 Entity Relationship Diagram 3 Data Sources and destinations 4/5 Summary of existing system 6 Problems with existing system 6 Objectives of the project 6 General Objectives 6 Specific objectives 6 Data Flow Diagram of current system 7 Data Flow diagram of proposed system 8 Design Overall System 9 User Interface Design 10 Database Design Including ER Model 11 Record Structure 11/12 Validation 13 Storage Media and Format 13/14 Identification of suitable algorithms for data transformation 14 Planned Valid Output 15 Description of Measures Planned for security and integrity of Data 15 Description of Measures Planned for System Security 15 Test Strategy 16 Implementation Main Menu Screen Prints 17 Availability Details Main Menu 18 Make A Booking Screen Print 19 Next Lesson Booked Screen print 20 Availabilities Screen Print 21 Student details Screen Print 22 Testing Design of test plan 23 Annotated hard copy of test plan 25 Minimal set of test data 32 System Maintenance System Overview 33 Procedure and variable developed 33 Creations and customisation of the database 34 Tables 34 Relationships 37 User Manual 38 Appraisals 47 User Feedback 49 BACKGROUND TO/ IDENTIFICATION OF PROBLEM The present system is very inefficient, when a student wishes to book a lesson the instructor has to get out his diary check the dates that are available and book in the student. After the lesson the instructor has to update his student book, he has to write in what the student did in the lesson, how they found it, whether they paid or not. Occasionally the instructor will add up how many lessons that the student has had and jot this down. This is a waste of time, as the instructor cannot book a student until he has finished all the paper work, this usually takes about 15 minutes after each lesson. ...read more.


Price per lesson Number, Decimal 5,2 How much the student pays for each lesson Date and time of next lesson Date time Date time The next lesson student has booked. VALIDATION I will use validation on some of the fields on the tables so there is less chance of wrong data being inputted. There are only some fields that can have validation but by ensuring they have a working validation it will mean that the system will not be wrong. Things that I can validate are numbers or specific number of characters. This is to make sure that the data entered conforms to a certain standard. The user cannot see the validation rules, so when they make a mistake they find out as an error message appears. VALIDATION Field Name Validation Type Validation Rule Error message Student Number Type Check 8 digits The student number must be 8 digits Lesson Code Type check 5 Digits The lesson code must be 5 digits. STORAGE AND MEDIA FORMAT For my system I need to know how large each file will be so I have calculated the size of each field, and multiplied that but the amount of fields ii may get, to get an estimate of how large the file could get. Storage and media format Field name Number of records Size of record/ bytes Total size of records/bytes Student name 30 32 960 Student number 30 8 240 Student address 30 65 1950 Lesson code 30 5 150 Price per lesson 30 8 240 Date and time of next lesson 30 16 480 Available lessons 31 20 620 Next lessons booked 6 134 804 Total 5444b 5.4kb I have calculated that the approximate maximum size that I will need for the data to be stored will be around 6kb, which is small enough to fit on almost any data storage type. The most suitable storage device for this will be the hard disk drive on the laptop to be used. ...read more.


But in reality on that day an on that time he is busy. This is one of the things the instructor is complaining about and also another thing that has been drawn to my attention is that he misreads the time, so he tells the student that he is booked at 13:00 tomorrow but he is actually free he has a lesson at 3:00 not 13:00 so this is one way the instructor is losing out on money. I wish to remove this issue and avoid these mistakes happening. Security, the system now has some good security, it only allows the instructor to long in and once the password is entered then the instructor can access the system. This is in line will all data protection acts and just general security. User feedback I asked Ian, the future user of this system, to navigate his way through the system and in turn add, edit, search output data using user manual as a guide. Here is what he found DID YOU FIND IT EASY TO FIND THE STUDENT TELEPHONE NUMBER? HOW DIFICULT WAS IT TO MAKE A BOOKING? WHAT DID YOU FIND DIFFICULT? WHAT WAS THE BEST THING ON THE SYSTEM? WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE WITH THE SYSTEM? IS THIS AN IMPROVEMENT FROM THE EXISTING SYSTEM SIGNATURE: ?? ?? ?? ?? This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ <GCE A2 Computing <CPT 6 <Ram Bhojani This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ <Instructor Booking> |<Ram Bhojani 13HAN> This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ GCE A2 Computing CPT 6 Ram Bhojani Instructor Bookings | Ram Bhojani 13HAN ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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