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Consider the atmosphere and setting of the 19th centaury stories you have read and discuss how the authors have created fear, suspense and mystery.

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Describe the organisation and work of the people at Bletchley Park During the Second World War code breaking became an essential part of the protection of the British armed forces. Bletchley Park, situated in the town of Bletchley was bought by MI6 and became Britain's largest code breaking central. It was given the name station X and fitted with new roads, telephone lines, living quarters, everything as self contained community would need. It was here, 50 miles north of London that mathematicians, code breakers, Britain's brightest and sharpest minds were sent to intercept and crack codes sent out by the enemy. ...read more.


There were many stages that codes would go through. Bletchley Park was separated into huts with chutes in-between them for quick transmission which was essential in obtaining information quicklyas possible. Organization was key to Bletchley parks success. Before being deciphered there were many stages the codes had to go through. First, codes were picked up by wireless stations in Britain, these stations were called the Y service (the messages received were in Morse code) the codes collected were sent to Bletchley Park. ...read more.


Where they were decoded where they were received in hut eight and then analysed in hut four by intelligence officers. The main difference between these to huts being that huts 6 and 3 dealt with army and air force codes and huts 8 and 4 dealt with naval codes. Once the message was ready, it was sent on to MI6, it was MI6 that decided the course of action to take concerning the messages that had been produced by Bletchley Park. It was this strict organization in which everybody knew there role that made Bletchley park run so smoothly and become the success it is remembered for today. ...read more.

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