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Creating a logo using ICT.

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GCSE Information Technology 109511995 Coursework Report. The hardware I used to produce my coursework was the school computers. I completed the work in lesson time, and did research in my own time. With the use of Windows XP on the school computers, I used Microsoft Word to complete all word processing tasks as well as using the mail merge technique when creating my wage slips. I used Microsoft Excel to do my calculations. I used Microsoft Paint to create my company logo, and Microsoft Publisher to scale the image. Company logo A newer computer could have made a difference because an improved graphics program could have made my company logo look more professional. The 2 main categories of software used are Operating systems and Applications software. The Operating System is the name given to software that enables applications software and the rest of the computer system to work. A computer will not be able to function without an Operating System. The most popular types are DOS, Windows 95, 98 and ME, Mac OS, Windows NT and 2000, UNIX and Linux. Each has 5 main tasks: 1. To permit applications software to converse with the systems hardware. 2. To enable the application (e.g word processor) to operate. 3. It manages system resources. E.g, it allocates RAM to particular tasks - and in a network, it decides what resources to give to individual users. 4. ...read more.


It's a laser printer, meaning that the data can be sent to the printer in complete pages, one page at a time, they are similar to photocopiers. Advantages are that, they are very quiet, very fact (10 pages a minute), and the printing produced is in very high resolution and can produce high quality documentations. The most cost effective printer would be the ink jet, as I costs less than laser printers and produces better quality printouts than dot matrix printouts. * Monitor - also known as VDU's (Visual Display Unit's) are used when visual information is needed and is most commonly used as an output device. User guide for system * Firstly turn on the machine and log onto the network by entering your username and password, then, let the network load. * Open the application the needed to create the logo, in this case it's Paint. Use the various tools on the left hand side and the extensive colours on the bottom to create the logo. * When you are happy, click on 'File' at the top left hand side of the screen then 'Save' give it a file name then click on the drop down button next to 'Save as type' and save it as a JPEG, these are better than bitmap's because JPEG's are much smaller in file size. ...read more.


Using ICT saves on storage, you can keep a database with all your employees information, which saves keeping information in large filing cabinets, it also take time to search for a particular employee. In work, fewer staff are needed to look after the computer system and more than one person can access the same data from their network P.C Disadvantages The disadvantages of keeping your employees information on your computer would be that, information could be lost, or your computer may catch a virus, causing all your files to be infected thus, having to wipe off all memory from your system. The system would also need to be kept secure and away from hackers, meaning that the system must be maintained by people, therefore, training costs could be high Setting up a computer system or network can be very expensive. Systems for large organisations can cost millions of pounds. Even though they are very comprehensive, computer systems are not perfect, if there is a system failure, important data could be lost. My system I worked on the school computers, the system worked good, however it was quite restricting due to some of the features that you could not access. An alternative solution would be to use my home computer, but that would mean not being able to do any work in lesson time. Given more time, I would ...read more.

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