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Creating a new database for Auto nation PLC.

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Aims of study Identifying the problem I am Mr. RM Green the business consultant for a company named Auto Nation PLC. The company Auto nation PLC offers a service to the public where they find cars to meet customer's individual requirements, which are local. So that Auto nation plc meets this aim auto nation have records on cars for sale, using paper-based research. Description of present system At the moment Auto Nation plc use a card index system to record the details of the cars. This is an old way of recording data therefore it has many drawbacks to this system. Some of the bad things about paper-based research are: * Will almost certainly become damaged through use. * Data can become lost. * Data cannot be borrowed. * Takes a long time to search. * Takes time to search for something with a certain criteria. * The system cannot have its data validated. * It cannot be easily updated. * Data cannot be automatically printed out. * Data cannot be searched for with multiple criteria. ...read more.


Identification of software Data capture sheet I have researched car companies across the country finding what details they show in their advertisements. Below is a list of various car companies I have found on the Internet and in magazines or newspapers. Internet First I have gone onto the auto trader website, then I have gone onto dealer directory. There I have selected auto traders at random and gone onto their company website. A Nicolas Autos A Nicolas Autos gives the following information about the cars which they are advertising on the web site: * Make * Model * Colour * Type of car * How many doors * Price * Alloy wheels * Mileage * Electric windows * Air conditioning * Taxed until * Power steering * Registration * Cruise control * Sunroof * Convertible * CD player * Fuel type Aire valley autos Aire valley autos gives the following information about the cars which they are advertising on the web site: * Make * Model * Colour * Fuel type * Mileage * Doors * Air conditioning * Automatic transmission * CD player * Air bag * Electric ...read more.


control Seatbelt Pretensioners Parking sensors Sunroof Wash wipe Climate control Questionnaire results Feature Important Non important Make 80% 20% Model 60% 40% Price 65% 35% Colour 40% 60% Electric windows 58% 42% Air conditioning 32% 68% Remote locking 30% 70% Remote boot 28% 72% Airbags 94% 6% Engine size 87% 13% Alloy wheels 8% 92% Registration letter (when made) 89% 11% Leather seats 4% 96% Cd player 17% 83% Spoilers 6% 94% Tinted windows 28% 32% M.O.T date 87% 13% Alarm 65% 35% Mileage 83% 17% Contact information 94% 6% Taxed date 73% 27% Power assisted steering 92% 8% Anti-lock brake system 86% 14% Remote central deadlocking 28% 68% Central locking 74% 26% Tyres 14% 86% Amount of doors 63% 37% Cruise control 7% 93% Seatbelt Pretensioners 74% 26% Parking sensors 13% 87% Sunroof 33% 77% Wash wipe 68% 32% Climate control 8% 92% Collection of range of data Reasons for choice of fields, field type and field length Validation of database Creation of database Database visually checked Database edited Test questions produced Search database using single condition Search database using more than one condition User guide produced Conclusions ...read more.

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