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Creating an Information Technology System for Chin Bookmakers

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Creating an Information Technology System for Chin Bookmakers Analysis Introduction Chin Bookmakers is a small independent bookmakers situated on Eden Hill Road in Peterlee. They currently have a small manual credit account for giving credit, on bets, to customers. At present Chin Bookmakers have approximately thirty customers to whom they give credit. They would like to extend the number of customers they presently give credit to but the system they use is time consuming and prone to error. At present amount of credit given to customers has to be checked manually by employees. This means checking backlogs to ensure previous credit has been repaid. The bookmakers would like a computerised system that will allow them to check customers credit allowance quickly and ensure that the information is correct and kept up to date. Also they would like the system to produce charts and graphs to give an overview of credit given and credit repaid on a monthly basis. The Current System An employee of Chin Bookmakers was interviewed to ascertain the exact procedure for entering logs into the credit book. The following was recorded. The customer places a bet in the usual way and asks for the bet to put on his credit account. ...read more.


This will be the only workbook and will contain; * Menu * Customer Database * place bet and paying in sheets. Sheet1 - Menu This sheet will act as the front end and will be selected automatically using an Autoexec macro when the workbook is loaded. It will have 5 options as follows. CHIN BOOKMAKERS Ltd Sheet2 - Customer Database This is where all the customers will be kept on the system. It will include details about the customers and will laid out as follows. Information here will automatically be updated by other sheets in the work book. All cells will be protected to ensure information is not tampered with or so that cells and formulae are not accidentally erased.The sheet will be protected by a password known only to authorised employees. Sheet3 - Place Bet This sheet is required to debit a customers account. The customers account no. is placed in the space provided and their details are automatically displayed. All cells are locked apart from the account no. section and bet amount section which are the only cells from which data is inputted. There is one command button: 1. ...read more.


Initial Design Decisions My first decision was to create a large customer database to hold 100 customers. I asked Mr Chin about this and he said he wasn't sure how many customers he was planning to give credit to. I then decided to use an end of table line to add new rows as they were needed. I also decided to create an add new customer worksheet but thought it more convenient to scrap this and create a macro with the command button situated in the credit book work sheet. Final Design My final design is as shown in the design section, The adding of new customers is very simple with pop up boxes asking for all the information needed. It is a step by step process and any new user should be able to use it. Commentary on Testing Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Test 6 Program successfully exited. Evaluation Looking back at the objectives and performance indicators the following have been achieved: 1. Trials showed that it took the user about 30 seconds to enter each new customer well within the 60 seconds allocated. 2. User Manual Introduction Installation Backups Adding a customer Placing a bet Paying in Exiting the Application Technical Manual Installing the System Macros ?? ?? ?? ?? 4 20 Michael Charlton Michael Charlton ...read more.

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