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Describe the hardware and software used to create and edit graphic images and compare the limitations of different hardware and software packages used.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked I am working for a design company that needs to advice new staff on what is required to work in the industry. I will produce a report that explains the role of the following in producing and editing digital Working with graphic images requires suitable hardware and software to produce the best results. The hardware used can have a large impact on how well graphical images show. Suitable hardware for a graphics system should include several components at appropriate performance levels. Graphics Card A graphics card is type of display adapter or video card installed within most computing devices to display graphical data with high clarity, colour, definition and overall appearance. Graphics card provides high-quality visual display by processing and executing graphical data using advanced graphical techniques, features and functions. It is needed to produce a display that meets the needs of the user within what the monitor can be capable of. It works by taking information from the operating system which specify what needs to be shown onto the screen and makes this isn?t a signal that the display understands. Graphic designers value digital visual interface connections between the graphics card and the monitor as it gives a better picture. They usually work with 32-bit colour depth which gives true colour. Despite being incredibly important in the display, there are limitations. With higher resolutions and colours, there may be a reduce in speed, which could be big or small depending on the hardware and the resolution that is set up. This is due to there being more information to deal with as well as more pixels to update on-screen. The higher you set your resolution, the smaller your icons and text, and your refresh rate drops. ...read more.


Another disadvantage of digital cameras can be the cost. A good digital camera can cost a lot and may not be for those who are starting out. But one of the main disadvantages is the battery. A digital camera uses more energy than non-digital cameras, so for long photo sessions, digital photographers need to have a lot of spare batteries ready. Graphics Tablet A graphics tablet or alternatively referred to as a drawing tablet and pen tablet, a graphics tablet is a hardware input device that enables an artist to draw or sketch digitally using a pen or stylus. They are helpful because they provide a more natural and precise feel than a standard computer mouse. The picture to the right shows an example of a Pen Graphics Tablet from Wacom. Graphics tablets are widely used within graphic design due to allowing you having more creative freedom. Graphics tablets are difficult to use for a beginner. For someone that has no experience on using a graphics tablet are likely to find it hard to get the hang of it as it is different to using a mouse. It can also be tricky to access menus and good hand to eye co-ordination is needed so a lot of practice is needed. Also they can be very expensive to buy. They can vary in price, the cheaper ones are of lower quality and the high quality are very expensive but will increase the quality of your drawings. Graphic tablets can cost up to £2000. Graphic tablets can also be easily broken. This is a major disadvantage especially if you spent a lot of money on one. ...read more.


Software bitmap creation software (Photoshop) Some bitmap graphics applications are used specifically for editing images, some specifically for creating bitmaps and others are combination of both, an example is Adobe Photoshop. Bitmap graphics software applications are known by several names such as raster graphics editors, image editors and paint packages. Editors allow for the editing and manipulation of individual pixels in a bitmap graphic. Most bitmap graphics software applications can also be used to create Meta graphics. Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard image editing and bitmap creation package for professional developers and designers. Photoshop is used to create formats for both print and screen design. More recent versions include the 'Save for Web' option which allows users to compare the results of saving different formats, compressed file sizes download times on different internet connections. The main disadvantage of software bitmap creation software such as Photoshop is the cost. Photoshop software costs a lot more than most other photo editing software because of the larger range of tools. Despite the fact that its quick-edit features are simple to use, this software was not built for the novice user. It is photo-editing software designed for professionals who edit photos regularly and it may be difficult for beginners to start using it and may be very time consuming for those people. Adobe Photoshop requires a well-equipped computer, It is a heavyweight program, and many of the tools are computationally intensive. It takes up a large space of room on your computer as well as RAM memory and may not be for every computer. Overall, there are lots of hardware and software that need to be used to create and etic graphic images. But, all have limitations that should be considered when picking the best for the job you need it for. ...read more.

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