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Describe the organisation and work of the people at Bletchley Park

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Kirsty Rogers Candidate numder Describe the organisation and work of the people at Bletchley Park During World War II the German armed forces top secret codes were broken at Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park provided the allies with vital information towards their war effort. Bletchley Park was a small town Situated 50 miles North-West of London. Sir Leon, a London stock broker saw this location as an ideal place for an M16 evacuation base and government code and cipher school, which had been set up towards the later stages of the First World War. During the First World War code breaking had become important for the first time, messages were sent by wireless and Morse code so the government knew that it would have to be prepared with the second world war looming, they wanted to be able decode all enemy signals. After the government had chosen Bletchley Park an appropriate location it was given new roads, telephone lines, living quarters, water mains and everything that a self contained community would need because the key to Bletchley was it was to be secret. In this essay I will be describing the organisation of people at Bletchley Park. ...read more.


They would study messages and look for similarities to try to build up an idea of how the code was constructed. But by 1939 these methods were out of date, the Germans were using the Enigma coding machine, the British believed that this system was unbreakable. The academics were son joined by mathematicians; the mathematicians did not get on very well wit the more experienced code breakers because they were a lot younger therefore worked in completely different ways. The mathematicians were the ones who made the real breakthroughs on Enigma in the first years of the war as Enigma was a mathematical machine breaking it partly depended on being able to predict the random letters appearing within the sequence. As the population of Bletchley park grew they needed more code breakers, but in 1939 nobody knew who would be likely to make a good code breaker so time teats were devised to help define a potential recruit that would be a successful code breaker. At one point the government had a competition amongst recruits to see who could solve the telegraph crossword puzzle, this was because it was an important quality to be able to put your self into the way of thinking of a completely unknown person and expect the unexpected and that is what was needed for both crosswords and code breaking. ...read more.


Pile 3 was less important and went by daily van and pile 4 was not important and was not sent at all. This was why hut 3, built a card index of all the messages so that they could be checked. This was a big task as by 1942 Bletchley park otherwise known as station x was decoding up to 8000 messages per day. I think that the work of the people and the organisation of Bletchley Park helped immensely in bringing the war to an early end. The fact that secrecy was so important contributed hugely as if the germens were to find out that we had broken Enigma then their regulations would be tighter. Bletchley organisation also helped as having a card index meant that messages could be checked if need be. Also the separation of code breakers and linguists was also a good idea so they could not communicate. The code breakers brought an early end to the war as they broke the enigma, but without the linguists translating the messages and the people at the "y" Station picking up the messages then there would be no end result. The Point of Bletchley Park was that you had to work as a team to get results; you also had to abide by the rules of secrecy. ...read more.

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