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Describe the organization and work of the people at Bletchley Park.

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Bletchley Park GCSE Coursework 1. Describe the organization and work of the people at Bletchley Park. Bletchley Park was unique in many different was. Located just outside Bletchley, in southern England in some ways it could have been said to be detached from the rest of Britain during World War 2, lost in a secret world. The organization at Bletchley Park was unique. The method of operations, the dedication, the secrets hidden away behind the walls and even the people working there. All were completely different to what had ever been seen before in terms of code cracking. Secrecy was a big part of life in Bletchley, and even in the beginning when the initial government representatives went to 'check it out' for possible use during wartime, they acted as privately as possible and gave reason for their stay as a hunting trip. The private aspect of station X continued throughout the war with guards patrolling the perimeters of Bletchley day and night. The secrecy kept up after the war as well, with those who had worked at Bletchley Park not being officially allowed to talk about it publicly until 1976. ...read more.


2. Why was Bletchley Park able to break the German enigma? Those working at Bletchley Park were able to break the enigma for several different reasons. Most importantly, it was due to their great skills at code cracking, their powerful intellect and the amazing perseverance that many had to try and achieve the goal. Other reasons must be taken into account though. Such as the clumsy mistakes by the German operators and the help that was given to the British by other countries such as the extraordinary work done by Poland before the war. The British received a great deal of intelligence from other countries during the war. The poles had secretly been working on the enigma before and during the start of the war. Three mathematicians had been trying to decode messages and solve the random jumble of letters. As Germany invaded, polish officials met up with the British and gave them all they knew about the enigma. This not only opened the gates for the British as to what the Nazi's were using to scramble to letters, but also gave them a solid head start in order to go about decoding them. ...read more.


These included: * The Cog order and wiring * The text settings * The Cross plugging * And language (including German military slang terms) This required great patience and dedication - all skills that those working at Bletchley either had already, or managed to acquire. "Cracking a code can be an incredibly frustrating experience" said one worker, "but in most cases the results are uplifting, rewarding [and] very satisfying". Through intertwining many different people into a close knit community, along with their skills, personalities and unique ideas, Bletchley Park managed to effectively the ultimate code-cracking machine. Finally, breakthroughs were also a key factor when it came to breaking the code. Strokes of luck such as recovering German navy code books off small weather vessels that were easily captured, or getting other such Nazi secrets of sinking U-boats or crashed vehicles greatly helped advance the enigma effort. Overall, there was no key reason why the British were able to crack the code of the enigma. No huge mistake was made by the Germans that completely gave the secrets away, no massive breakthrough was made by the British to unlock all the enigma codes in one go, the end result came from many different factors that when put together, gave Bletchley Park the key to the enigma code. ...read more.

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