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Design - In my project I am using three tables, the customer table, the hire table, and the stock table.

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Design In my project I am using three tables, the customer table, the hire table, and the stock table. Below I will sketch out an outline of the tables. Customer Field Name Data Type Length Validation Default Lookup Customer No Autonumber 1 - - - Title Text 3 - Mr Mr, Mrs, Miss, Sir, Rev Initial Text 1 - - - Surname Text 15 - - - Address Text 20 - - - Post Code Text 8 - - - Phone Number Number 12 length must equal 12 - - Ward Number Text 7 - - Ward 1 - Ward 10 Discharged Yes/No - - No - * Customer No - Autonumber to represent the customer ID number * Title - Title of customer. Lookup for Mr, Mrs, Miss, Sir and Rev. Defaults to MR. * Initial - Customer's first initial * Surname - Customer's surname * Address - Address of customer * Post Code - Postcode of Customer * Phone Number - Phone number of customer. ...read more.


ID Individual Stock Number Customer ID Status Date Out Date Due Back Calculate Date Due Back Queries I will make the following queries; Overdue - Find Overdue items, and who currently has them Due back this week - Query to find items which are due back within a week. Stock Information - Query to show information on a selected item, by using a prompt for item ID and item stock number. Weekly Stock Report - Query which will list all stock and its current location, status etc. Update Date Due Back - Update query to update due back field in hire form. Reports I will make reports of the following queries; * Date Due Back This Week, date due back sorted into ascending order * Stock Information * Weekly Stock Report * Overdue Method Of Data Entry To create a new customer Customer No Title Initial Surname Address Post Code Phone Number Ward Number Discharged * Click on the create new record * Customer No automatically goes to the next autonumber * Fill out the rest of the fields, the ward number is a lookup for the ten wards. ...read more.


Miss Russell currently has two junior crutches, a junior neck brace and a junior wheelchair which are due back on 23/02/2003 and 13/02/03 for the junior wheelchair. The wheelchair is currently overdue, and my overdue query will show this. Miss Russell's other items are due to be returned within the week, so they should be on the Due This Week query, I will show a printout to prove my project is working correctly. The stock information query below shows that the junior wheelchair, stock #1 is in Miss Russell's possession. I will now show that Miss Russell has returned the wheelchair, however it needs repaired, and Miss Russell requires a replacement. I will change the settings on the Stock - Hire Linked table, and click the calculate Date Due Button These changes now appear in my tables and my weekly stock report. I will also show how I can add new items and customers. I will add a Mr Wilson, living in Gall Street, and in ward 5. This also shows my phone number validation, as I have purposely entered 11 numbers instead of 12. My main table now shows Mr Wilson. ...read more.

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