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Directory structures or how to link to files in other folders!

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Directory Structures Or How to link to files in other folders! A directory or folder is a method of grouping files, or other folders, together on your computer. An example of a folder that you may have come across is the My Documents folder, which you can find on the desktop. You can create new folders opening the My Documents folder, double click on the icon on your desktop. Once open move the mouse pointer to any free part of the white background and press the right mouse button. This will launch a popup similar to the one below. Now you have your files stored in the folder you need a way to access them in your HTML code. ...read more.


Its fine if you only have a few files but any more and you can soon get lost or confused. So it is always a good idea to store your images in a separate folder. So lets say we create a new folder inside the My Documents folder and call it images (makes sense huh?). Inside the images folder we save a new image called myimage2.gif so the directory structure looks similar to the one below. So how do we link to files within folders? Well assuming the target folder is in the same folder as our HTML we can use the following link: <img src="images/myimage2.gif"> The "/" separates the folder and file names from each other. ...read more.


Lets say you want to link to myimage.gif from the HTML file test.html in the images folder. You cannot do this with anything seen so far. However you can do it by using the "Jump up a folder!" command (ok so its not really called that but you get the idea). To jump up a folder you use the ".." command in you link, just as you would to link to anything stored in another folder: <img src="../myimage.gif"> As with sub-folders you can have as many ".." as you need. So you can jump up several folders at a time. Just make sure you separate each jumped folder with a "/" the following jumps up three folders: <img src="../../../logo.jpg"> Folders, files and how to navigate between them 1 ...read more.

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