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Discuss the impact that file format, compression techniques, image resolution and colour depth have on file size and image quality.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐In this report I will discuss how learners need to utilise different file formats, different compression techniques, different image resolutions and different colour depths, and will demonstrate the document sizes and the contrasts between them, some will be bigger than others and I will discuss why they are that way. The arrangements I will discuss are PSD, BMP, GIF, JPEG and TIF. Photoshop record The format that I will discuss is Photoshop design (PSD), this format is the default format for this product so it will save the altered graphical pictures naturally to this configuration unless picked otherwise. This format gives you a chance to open the file straight into Photoshop and alter the picture and utilise all the elements of the product. However, the primary issue is that you can just open this document with Adobe Photoshop and the document is generally large so it might take up a lot of space on your PC. Bitmap File The BMP file format, is a picture file format used to store bitmap digital images. Numerous graphical user interfaces (GUI) use bitmaps. A bitmap picture is a picture that is comprised of small squares that are arranged to create the image; this is how photographs are created. ...read more.


Compression techniques There are two techniques of compressing a file to make it smaller and they are Lossy and Lossless and I am going to talk about both of them as see how they affect the image in anyway. The first compression technique I am going to talk about is Lossy, this is a technique that effects the quality of the image, when you compress an image using Lossy is worsens the quality of the image because when it compresses the image it loses some of the image data, so when the data is lost part of the image is lost so pixilation occurs and you may see the image turns into loads of very small squares that form the image. However Lossy does do the job of compressing the file as when it is compressed it will be considerably smaller than it was beforehand. The second technique is Lossless compression; this is a technique that is better than Lossy as is does not worsen the image quality when compressed. Lossless also does the job as it compresses the file and makes it smaller and the image will take up less space on the hard drive and will also make it easier for it to be uploaded to a webpage. ...read more.


Overall, it is evident that there are some document formats that are obviously superior to anything other record formats and it is clear some are better for various uses for instance the use of pictures on Web Pages. Different file formats have their own particular attributes, for example, document size, file compatibility, picture quality and so forth. Compression techniques can likewise be exceptionally valuable to know as you can make as you can make the size of an image smaller, however it is very important to know which technique affects the quality of the image and which one doesn?t. When it comes to image resolution and colour depth, it is also important to known the affect changing it has on the image. If you increase the resolution, the size of the file will also increase but it will make the quality of the image better but if you make the resolution less the image quality will be worse but size of the file will be lower. It is similar with colour depth, the better the colour depth the better the quality but higher the size. Generally, I think it is critical to know the final effect of changing a picture in any capacity. ...read more.

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