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'Does Guildford Have A Sustainable Transport System?'

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Year 11 Geography Coursework 'Does Guildford Have A Sustainable Transport System?' Methodology To help me answer my enquiry questions, I am going to collect various types of primary and secondary data. To answer my enquiry question 'Does Guildford town centre suffer from traffic congestion throughout the day?' I will conduct a traffic count. I will do my traffic count at 3 different times during the day, & do it at 2 different locations. This should show me if there is traffic congestion throughout the day, no just at one time, and if it is just in one place in Guildford that gets congested, or other places as well. I will do my traffic survey for 15 minutes at each time, and noting down what type of transport comes through e.g. bus, car etc. Two roads I know in Guildford town centre are Onslow Street and North Street. These roads are where I will conduct my traffic count. I will pick three times during the day, each 2 hours apart. This will show me congestion right through the day, not just in the morning or in Rush Hour. ...read more.


I will take photographs to go with my Primary data. I will take photos as they give evidence of what I am doing and show first hand what Guildford's transport system is actually like. I will take a picture of where I will do my traffic count, where I do my tax disc survey, car park signs that show spaces available and I will take a photograph of Bus Lanes as Secondary data. Some more secondary data I will collect is Bus route maps and Train route maps. This will show that public transport is available in Guildford and coming into Guildford from surrounding areas. Conclusion From the data I have collected, I have reached the following conclusion about my investigation. I believe that the hypothesis: 'Guildford's transport system is unsustainable', is true. My reasons for this are as follows. By studying my data I feel Guildford's transport system is unsustainable. My traffic counts show that Guildford is very busy throughout the day, and mainly congested as a result of the vast amount of cars. From my traffic count at Onslow Street, I can see that cars were going through at a frequency of 20 per minute. ...read more.


Another strength is that I planned what I wanted to do before I went to the study area, so no time was wasted thinking of ideas for data to collect. The weaknesses of my investigation were that I only went to Guildford once, so I only have data for one day, which could possibly have been an unusually busy day or quiet day. There is more Primary data and Secondary data I could perhaps have collected if I had longer, or another day, in Guildford. The tax disc survey is possibly unreliable, as people who travelled by car that day, might have only done so because their train was cancelled or they missed the bus. So maybe on another day we would have different results, which could change the investigation. A way the investigation could be extended is if I was to go to Guildford on a weekend, and collect data on that day. Therefore this would give me a better view on Guildford's transport system and my results would be more reliable, as they would not just be for one day, but two. If I were to improve the investigation, I would write to the Council, asking what they thought of Guildford's transport system, and what their plans were to improve it. ...read more.

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