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Evaluation of a computerised system

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Evaluation Meeting the requirements specification In the evaluation of this project, the first things that must be considered are the first objectives that were set for the system to meet. This is the requirements specification. I will break down each objective listed in the requirements specification and discuss whether the objectives have been met. * To complete the new system by the deadline agreed This requirement was met. The date that was arranged was the 21st March 2008 and the date that was used on the calendar of dates was also this date. * The database will need to be able to store enough records The hardware that was acquired for the new system to be stored on in the end was a 120 GB hard disk, and then was well enough to store the whole database of records on. * The system will need to alert the user when stock is low or has run out The query 'Out of stock' along with its report counterpart is enough of an alert to let the user know that staff has run out. However, there is no way of checking when stock is low, and the ideal alert for items that have gone out of stock would be automatic rather than the user having to run the report or query. ...read more.


Target met Target partly met Target not met Reason for not meeting target Page reference 1 X 2 X 3 X Report created to tell user all items out of stock 4 X 5 X 6 X 7 X 8 X Query created to check existance of customer 9 X Tables not accessible by end-user, but data viewable in form 10 X Tables not accessible by end-user, but data viewable in form 11 X 12 X 13 X Tables not accessible by end-user, but data viewable in form 14 X Tables not accessible by end-user, but data viewable in form 15 X 16 X 17 X Tables not accessible by end-user, but data viewable in form 18 X Tables not accessible by end-user, but data viewable in form 19 X 20 X 21 X Tables not accessible by end-user, but data viewable in form 22 X 23 X 24 X Report created to show all items out of stock, and when updating stock levels staff should know it is out of stock. 25 X Signed: _____________________________________ User response In the Implementation section of this project I issued the staff at the shop with a copy of the new system and a questionnaire to fill in about using it. Here are the results of the questionnaire that I obtained. The main menu is easy to follow. ...read more.


Reports are used to create lists of data to store in an archive, or to give information to the stock control manager when ordering new stock without having to load up the system * The system is not able to produce reminders every time data needs archiving * There is no error message generated when a user is entered into the database again Possible extensions There are still extensions that could possibly be made to the system, and time and funds permitting, these are still possible to implement at some stage. Here are some of the extensions that could be made: * When carrying out a sale, it would be a good idea if the stock levels could automatically be updated to reduce the stock levels by one. An alternative to this would be to allow the user to reduce the level of stock via the sales form, rather than having to locate the correct record using the products form * It would be a good idea for the database to produce a reminder every 28 days to remind the user to archive old sales. This would reduce clutter in the database and decrease the amount of time it would take to look at data in the sales table * To allow the stock control manager to create a list of stock that needs to be ordered in automatically so that he could send this to the manufacturer. This would greatly reduce his workload ?? ?? ?? ?? Matthew Malloy Bolton Sixth Form College 32115 8417 ...read more.

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