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Evalutation of a Spreadsheet

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Evaluation of a Spreadsheet Different techniques can be used to make the data on a spreadsheet easier to understand and interpret. This is very useful for the mobile phone shop manager because it will save them time and effort whilst interpreting the data that the mobile phones shop has produced. It is an important task for the manager to analyse the data because he or she will be able to get a general idea of how well the shop is doing. Spreadsheets can be useful for interpreting data because it is possible to use many different features which help aid the display of the data. These could be things such as charts, graphs, IF statements, minimum and maximum, and averages. When these are used it makes it much easier for the manager to analyse the data and it makes it easier to make decisions based on the information. One thing I did was produce a bar chart and a pie chart to show the data as a visual display. When I put this data into a chart or graph it effectively shows a bigger picture of the phone sales. The weekly sales bar chart shows the amount of phones that have been sold in the current week and by using the chart it makes it easier for the manager to see which phones sold the most and which sold the least. ...read more.


It is also very easy for paperwork to get untidy and over time it will begin to take up a lot of space. When using a computerised system it is much easier to keep documents and spreadsheets organised and structured appropriately in folders and directories. Because of this, it would also mean it is easy to find what you are looking for; rather than having to physically search through folders and paperwork. Also, making a copy of a spreadsheet manually would be very time consuming but when using a computerised system, you could immediately produce numerous copies. Another benefit you have with a computerised system is that charts and graphs are very easy to produce from the data. When using a manual system, it would be very difficult and time consuming to produce these. Also, with a computerised system colours can be used to highlight important areas of the spreadsheet to make certain areas stand out. Doing this with a manual system would be an impractical task and the colours could not be removed unlike on a computer. Strengths and weaknesses of a spreadsheet Strengths: * Security - password protection can be added to a spreadsheet to prevent unauthorised access. ...read more.


This is because it makes certain areas stand out opposed to using many different colours which would not highlight key areas or symbolise anything. Minimising the use of colours will mean the user should be able to know what the different colours indicate, and it should help them to get a clearer view of the spreadsheet. * Protect the formulas - this would be a good idea to do so that users at the mobile phone shop cannot change the formulas which would cause wrong results. * Use a password - this would be a good idea because it would mean only authorised users at the mobile phone shop would be allowed to access the spreadsheet. * Use an "IF statement" to show most and least popular phones - an IF statement could be used to highlight which phone has sold the most and which has sold the least in the current week. This could make it easier to decide which phones may need their price adjusting. * Use an "IF statement" to show the busiest day of the week - if this is done and the spreadsheet shows a regular pattern, doing this would help the mobile phone shop decide which days they might need more staff working. ?? ?? ?? ?? Paul Leverseidge Assignment 2 D1 ...read more.

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