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Explain how different types of graphic images relate to file formats

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐My website client is not sure about the software they could use to create a logo and the effect it may have on the design. They are also unsure about file sizes and file types. I will be providing them more information concerning these in order to be sure of the best for their development. There are two major categories of graphics, Vector and Bitmap. I will explain the difference between the two such as typical use, file size and scaling. JPEG is used for Photographs and have a relatively small file sizes * 16.7 million different colours * Supported by a wide range of software programs * Does not support transparency * Does not preserve layers * ...read more.


They are also used for images that may need to be animated. * Transparency is supported * Good for saving crisp, clean line art * Good for saving images with lots of flat, solid colours * Animation is supported * Only supports up to 256 colours * ?Binary? transparency (a pixel is either transparent or not) * License issues (the way it encodes the image data is patent protected ? so, in theory, you should be paying a licensing fee to save GIF images) PNG format images are best for images with lots of flat colours and those images that require smooth areas of transparency. ...read more.


* Can preserve layers. PSD files can handle simple vector layers, making them more suitable for importing and exporting data from programs like Adobe Illustrator. * PSD files? large size and capability to save significant amounts of file information make them an excellent choice for working files. * PSD files tend to be extremely large, since these lossless images use no compression. This preserves all image information, but can make the file itself unwieldy and difficult to email or transfer * Very few other programmes will understand open or import PSD files. In conclusion, there are many different types of graphic images related to file formats. Each have many benefits over other file types and disadvantages over others. It is important to pick a file type that is specific to the project you are working on. ...read more.

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