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Explain the difference between backing up and archiving of data, state the process taken for both and give reasons why they are necessary.

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Explain the difference between 'backing up' and 'archiving' of data, state the process taken for both and give reasons why they are necessary. It is important to know the basic differences between backup and archiving information, in order to prevent loss of important files on a computer. There is a big difference between the two and it comes down to variables between short term and long term storage. Backing up important data files on a computer should be done often, sometimes once a day or more. Thinking of it like a short term insurance policy, backups can be done using USG keys, disks, even to tape. ...read more.


For example, an accountant for a small business that uses QuickBooks will back up his files regularly in order to prevent a disastrous loss of inform. He will entrust that information to an online backup system that is updated at the end of each business day. This way, if a problem occurs with the individual computer or network, then there is a way to resurrect the book without having to enter a month of work. Archiving, on the other hand, is the equivalent of a long term insurance policy for files that are rarely accessed or never changed. ...read more.


Typically, archives have been stored on magnetic tapes in the past, but with cost of online data archiving solutions becoming more practical and inexpensive, you will see more use of them. Offsite data archiving is highly recommended in the even t of a disaster. Another way of looking at the differences is that backup contains multiple restore points, allowing you to go back in time in case of a virus, accidental deletion or accidentally saving over a file. Archived information will only store a singly version of a file and this is rarely changing, if ever at all. Often archived data will also span decades of files. Archiving may require certain policies or rules that approve who have access, how long the records need to be stored etc. ...read more.

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