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Explain the different techniques of gathering information to answer an IT Technical problem or request. Remember all computers at Cranks Ltd are networked together and they do not have any standalone computers.

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Unit 28 - IT Technical Support Assignment 1 - Cranks Technical Resources Scenario Cranks Ltd is a medium size IT Company based in central London. The company sells computer hardware to a number of businesses in the London area. It is very successful and has a well established staff with very little turnover. They have a well established customer list of companies in London. To give the best service to these companies they place a lot of value on good IT Technical Support for their own staff. All the computers are networked together. The company have a strong culture of very good IT Technical Support and spend considerable time and money training the staff in this department and providing them with money in order that they give very good IT support. You are working for the IT Technical Support for Cranks. As you are considered to have a great deal of IT Technical Support experience you have been asked to produce reports for the Senior Management. Task 1 (P3) Explain information gathering techniques that can be used to answer a problem or request. a) Explain the different techniques of gathering information to answer an IT Technical problem or request. Remember all computers at Cranks Ltd are networked together and they do not have any standalone computers. * How can the IT Technical Support gather information to answer a problem? This is not a description of the source of information but how that information would be obtained. (e.g. Manufacturers manuals should be catalogued in the IT Technical Support area for easy access to them). There are many different ways the IT technical Support could gather information to answer a problem. The sources would consist of manufacturer's manual and product specification, fault logs, FAQ, Internet forums, Colleagues with specialist knowledge. In order for the IT Technical Support to gather information from a manufacturer's manual and a product specification they would have to go through the catalogued manuals that are located in the IT technical support area. ...read more.


The work pressure of the company would be able to tell whether the staffs are capable of performing the task as in if they can handle it. If they cannot then they would not be needed especially if they work for a company like Microsoft where all the policies and procedures are at a high standard. Overall it would mean that a large company would have a restricted time limit and a charity would have a longer amount of time. This would mean that the IT Technical Support would have to meet the deadlines. User IT expertise This would vary because at Microsoft the user IT expertise would be at a very high standard because they are trained to be very computer literate especially with the training that the company has therefore would depend on the training. For example a charity would not be that focused on the user IT expertise. It would depend if the user is well ne through the right educated meaning that they should have gone through the right procedures which would be linked to the amount of knowledge they have in order to work in a big company. This is needed so that the IT Technical Support knows what they are doing. Other factors Other factors would include Security as in which type of antivirus that the company would use, this would be mainly because of malicious threats also to prevent certain faults. A big company like Microsoft would use an antivirus that cannot be penetrated. A charity may use a normal one such as Norton or one that is better. Fire walls are used in order to stop fraud. Another factor would include the confidentiality; this would consist of the privacy of files that would be restricted to certain staff. The confidentiality would mean the client's files as in their history, Address, Phone number, Date of Birth, account number, Age ECT. ...read more.


The company would become very efficient meaning that it would be on task. The business would be able to save on expenses such as certain equipment, software and maintenance. Outsourcing the business would lead to an increase in quality which would mean that the reputation would increase which then makes the company money and perhaps even a bit of profit from the work produced. Another advantage would be that if outsourced abroad to somewhere like India, there would be a time zone difference as in night there and day here this would mean that the work would be done with much efficiency. lastly you would be handing most of the responsibility to the outsourced Disadvantages: There are many disadvantages towards outsourcing IT technical support for Cranks Ltd Organisation. One of them would be that there would be hidden costs which would mean that it would be expensive because you would be signing a contract and if abroad there would be more complications towards the cost. At times things could go wrong as in you would have to do a lot of research before outsourcing, this would mean choosing a good partner so that there are no complications as in deliveries and other factors. One of the major disadvantages of this would be that once the business has outsourced the confidential data would be in risk of exposure. Once the company has outsourced the employees are at risk of losing their jobs. The quality of the company might not be as it was because of the change and perhaps the way it will be managed and organised would be different. An outsourced company would perhaps lead away from customer focus this is because you will be more focused on the needs of other things. There may be a communication barrier. Lastly you will not have any control over the management. Lastly the vendor may be contracted to a multiple amount of other businesses therefore be more interested in the others. BIBLIOGRAPGHY http://jobs.lovetoknow.com/Pros_and_Cons_of_Outsourcing http://www.flatworldsolutions.com/articles/advantages-disadvantages-outsourcing.php http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Advantages-and-Disadvantages-of-Outsourcing&id=1401755 http://www.ipmaxx.com/article.aspx?id=203958 http://cathlawson.com/2008/02/26/the-pros-and-cons-of-outsourcing/ http://www.bizhelp24.com/small-business-portal/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-small-business-outsourcing-3.html ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Diploma For ICT Practitioners 5 of 13 ...read more.

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