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Explain the purpose of different software utilities

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked P3 - explain the purpose of different software utilities Software utilities are software that performs specific tasks that are designed to help analyse, arrange, improve or maintain a computer; they help improve the performance of a computer. Some software utilities include virus protection, disk clean up, drive formatting, drive defragmentation, clean up tools and firewall. Anti-virus programs are designed to protect the computer from malicious software, like viruses, Trojans and key loggers. Most anti-virus offer real-time protection, threat detection, automatic updates and can give alerts when a program is trying to get into your computer. It is important to have an anti-virus software on your computer because if your computer does become into threat the software may be able to resolve it which will lead to no damage to the computer or privacy. This software utilities allows you to make sure nothing harmful is on the computer which could affect the computer performance. For instance, if the computer gets a virus it could make the computer run slowly, or not run at all. ...read more.


When a computer's hard drive is formatted or reformatted, all data on the disk is completely erased and a fresh copy of the system's operating system is reinstalled. There will be a larger amount of free space on your hard drive. This extra room is the result of the formatting process deleting unnecessary system files that were previously taking up space on the hard drive. Computers run faster and more efficiently when there is more room on the hard drive, so formatting the drive can increase the computer's performance in terms of data storage ad speed. Furthermore, disk formatting can delete harmful programs that may have not been resolved from the virus protection program. Therefore, this will stop the computer from not working properly and will allow the computer to run normally and not be slowed down by harmful programs that the user may be unaware of. As you use the computer, the files get fragmented which means storing of a file in several separate areas and is scattered throughout a hard disk. Fragmentation makes your hard disk do extra work to find the files you need; this can slow down your computer. ...read more.


Consequently, more space on a computer leads to faster performance. Internet history -History maintains the path of pages the user has been on. You have the option to delete them ? this will avoid privacy issue. In addition, internet history can slow down the computer because it takes space to record each page. By deleting internet history, it deletes cache and cookies this means the site will load faster because it?s taking less space on the hard drive. A firewall is a network security system that control's the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on applied settings. A firewall makes a barrier between trusted and secure networks. This prevents unauthorised access to the computer. This helps with security and can stop malware and harmful things happening to the computer which could affect personal privacy. Many personal computers operating systems include software based firewalls to protect from threats. Firewall devices can be purchased but they are very expensive. However, more recently hardware firewalls are typically found in broadband routers. Hardware firewalls can be effective with little or no configuration, and they can protect every machine on a local network. Most hardware firewalls will have a minimum of four network ports to connect other computers. ...read more.

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