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For this project I am using Microsoft Publisher because it is the best program to use for the tasks I am doing. This is because the program has templates and wizards especially for posters and flyers.

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Analyse Hardware * For this project, I will be using a computer, which will have a screen to see what is inputted onto the computer. * A CPU has it needed to save, and process data needed to complete the document. * A keyboard is needed to input the relevant data. * A mouse to able the users to navigate the functions on the desktop publishing program. * A CD drive- so you are able to save onto CD instead of floppy disk as the document may be too big to store. Software For this project I am using Microsoft Publisher because it is the best program to use for the tasks I am doing. ...read more.


the company provides * The company's address * Their telephone number and e-mail address Each leaflet and poster produces will be shown the main user and the artist's record company to see if there are any mistakes after all the information is inputted. Processing A wizard will be used create all the leaflets as it will make implementation easier as the user as it will show the user how each page will fold and which the inside and outside pages. Most of the information needed for the leaflets and posters will be typed using the keyboard but the images of the artists may be scanned in or imported from another program. The logo for the company will be imported from another program and so will the pictures of the artists. ...read more.


Backup The document created for this project will be stored on CD-ROM because the file will be too big to store on floppy disk. The document will be saved every 15 minutes when the reminder appears on the screen. A further backup should be made on the computer the document is being made in just in case the CD becomes lost or damaged. When making this document I will have to comply with the Data Protection Act (1989) which means the data has to be relevant and correct and the person who the data is held about has the right to see it. The documents would be put in a file which is hidden so only authorized people who know the name of the file, so they can only find it. ...read more.

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