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For this project I will be constructing an I.T. solution for Castle Couriers. Castle Couriers is a company, which provides a number of courier services, mainly for car showrooms.

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Analysis 4 1.1 Statement of the problem 4 1.1.1 Introduction 4 1.1.2 User Requirements 4 1.1.3 Current system 4 1.1.4 Data Flow diagram of current system 5 1.1.5 Problems with the current system 5 1.1.6 Objectives of the new system 5 1.1.7 Performance indicators 6 1.1.8 Volume of data 6 1.1.9 Hardware and Software 6 1.1.10 End user skill level 6 2 7 Design 7 2.1 Consideration of solutions 7 2.1.1 Manual System 7 2.1.2 Spreadsheet System 7 2.1.3 A specifically designed courier system 7 2.1.4 Access database 7 2.2 Database Design 8 2.2.1 Entity-relationship diagram 8 2.2.2 Table Design 8 2.2.3 Form Design 10 2.2.4 Query Summary 10 2.2.5 Document Summary 10 2.2.6 Macro Summary 10 2.3 Templates 10 2.4 Data entry and Validation 10 2.5 Macros 10 2.6 Security and Disaster Recovery 10 2.7 IT tasks 11 2.8 Schedule of Activities 11 2.9 12 2.10 Test Strategy 12 2.11 Test Plan 13 2.11.1 Function testing 13 2.11.2 System testing 13 2.11.3 Disaster testing 13 2.11.4 End user testing 13 2.12 Test data and Expected Outcomes 13 3 13 Implementation and Testing 13 3.1 Test Results 13 3.1.1 Function testing 13 3.1.2 System testing 13 3.1.3 End user testing 13 4 13 Evaluation 13 5 13 User Manual 13 6 13 Technical Manual 13 Analysis 1.1 Statement of the problem 1.1.1 Introduction For this project I will be constructing an I.T. ...read more.


However, at home, where some aspects of the design will be carried out, I have a newer version of Microsoft Office, and therefore a newer version of Access. This should not cause any problems, however should I wish to incorporate functions not available in the school's version, I will have to do this last. All of the designing will be done in Microsoft Access, with some links to Word, for better quality documents, and Excel, for data interpretation. This is available on all three of the concerned systems. 1.1.10 End user skill level None of the people who will be using the system have any formal I.T. qualifications. Their only previous I.T. experience is based around the use of Lotus SmartSuite. This will be a problem for me because the system I will be designing for them will be entirely based within three programs, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. It will therefore be necessary to make the project very simple to use with automatic functions. 2 Design 2.1 Consideration of solutions 2.1.1 Manual System This would be based around data being processed, stored and filed in the form of paperwork, with calculations being manual and documents handmade. -Easily the slowest -Higher risk of loss/damage to data -Complicated and tedious -Lower quality documents -High risk of mis-calculations We have therefore judged that this system would not be suitable for Castle Couriers, as it is far too slow and complicated and will not be better than the current system. ...read more.


Data will be inserted that is valid, invalid and extreme. Sufficient data will be inserted so that each table has at least one row of information. This will test to see if the different masks that have been used are correct or the different data types are correct. Subsequent data will continue throughout the test to make sure that the data is correct. System Testing When the system is complete, the whole range of tests will be repeated. This will ensure that no further problems have arisen. Recovery Testing The computer will be rebooted during procedures to see if data becomes corrupt or lost. If problems are found they can be corrected Acceptance Testing The end-user will be involved at this stage, they must test every aspect of the system to see if it fulfils the requirements that were set in the analysis section. They will be asked to check if each menu is correctly headed, if the system functions correctly and if it is user friendly. Any faults found at this stage can be corrected before the final version is passed on. 2.11 Test Plan 2.11.1 Function testing 2.11.2 System testing 2.11.3 Disaster testing 2.11.4 End user testing 2.12 Test data and Expected Outcomes 3 Implementation and Testing 3.1 Test Results 3.1.1 Function testing 3.1.2 System testing 3.1.3 End user testing 4 Evaluation 5 User Manual 6 Technical Manual Castle Couriers Sam Tibbitts Project Outline ...read more.

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