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Generations of programming languages.

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GENERATIONS OF PROGRAMMING LANUAGES Machine Language First Language Machine code is binary 0's and 1's used in a computers memory. It executes directly without translation it was the only programming language for the first computers using machine language is time consuming, error prone and laborious resulting in few programmers using it today. Assembly Code Second Generation In the 1950's assembly code using mnemonics and denary numbers was introduced an assembler is a program used to translate assembly language programs into machine code before it can be executed. ...read more.


One high levels language statement is translated into several machine code instructions. Imperative languages consist of a number of instructions in sequence, which the computer follows. These include Language Purpose Algol ALGOrithmic Language Mathematical / Scientific Fortran FORmula TRANslation Mathematical / Scientific COBOL Common Business Orientated Language Commercial And Business BASIC Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code Education Pascal Name of French Mathematician Education Translators All programs that are not written in machine code must be translated before they can be executed 3 types of translators include: Assembler - An assembler is a program which translates an a assembly code program into machine code. ...read more.


Advantages: * Executed Faster * No need to re-compile * Cannot be altered * Suitable for distribution Interpreter - A program, which translates a high level program (Source Code) into machine code (Object Code). An interpreter translates one line of a high-level language program, checks if there are any errors in that line if error program translation stops, if no error that line the translated line are executed. The interpreter then moves to the next line and repeats this process this means that every time a program is to be executed it must also be translated. Advantage: * For program development * It's easier to partially test and debug programs - 1 - ...read more.

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