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Growth and Influence of Computers and Computing

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´╗┐Growth and Influence of Computers and Computing Over a very short period of time computers have changed a massive deal, from being the size of a classroom to being able to fit in our back pockets. The change in computers has ultimately changed the effect they have on our day to day lives. The word computer however, does not only apply to laptops and PCs, but also to iPods, cameras and mobile phones. So in most middle class families, I can guarantee all the members of the family will use at least one 'computer' every day! It is not just the size of computer that has changed; there have been many other magnificent changes to create the computers we know today. The earliest known computer was made around 8,000 to 10,000 years ago, the abacus, which is still in use today. You may not consider the abacus as a computer but the definition of a computer only says a device to help in calculations, it does not need to be electronic. The abacus has been used by most of the prolific policy empires in history, but is best connected with Asia, most commonly china. ...read more.


Research into internet first began in the 1960?s when the internet was commercialised allowing anybody with a computer to use it. The internet transformed the way people looked at computers all over again, it became a tool for leisure, research and it just became a world of mystery only a very small percentage of the world?s population would understand. The way we use internet currently was unimaginable to most of the population at the time of the release of the internet. No one could have imagined that it could be used for video chat, online shopping or even to download music, games and videos. Not even to the help of homework. That helped changed computers from being a tool only business man needed to a product that could be of great use to everybody. During the invention of VisiCalc, the internet and other products like Microsoft Office, computers continued to get faster and smaller. Technologies like iPods, digital cameras and smart phones were all created to make sure humans couldn?t imagine life without computers. The influence of computers has been massive; it has shaped our society enormously. Jobs have been created that weren?t possible 40 years ago such as web designers and video game creators. ...read more.


So until a new type of battery is invented or created, there is no guarantee that the average battery life will be improved. As well as proceeding into the future, some companies might look at ?vintage? type computers meaning that the old type writers might be introduced but obviously much more advanced and developed. For example, the new iPhone 5 is set to be released soon yet only a few know what it will resemble to. Some may think that it will have a flip out keyboard or many new features but few know what the future holds for such technologies. From this we can learn that the future can hold anything in the world of computers. In the next decade we could have fully working robots or even hover cars. But by then we could have equally created multiple computers for better and for worse purposes. Whether it is a device of world destruction or something that could change the world once again, we must not forget that all development in computers are not good things. So there is no way of telling the future for computers because changes in society will change this and the demand for them will change too. By Vino Suresh 10M Sources http://en.wikipedia.org http://wiki.answers.com/ My book and magazines/newspapers ...read more.

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