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Hardware and Software requirements.

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Hardware and Software requirements All ICT systems require Hardware and software in order to function. For the ICT system I am going to produce for a sole trader, the following requirements are essential for this Hardware * A CD-RW or DVD-RW is needed to save/backup large amounts of data in the event of corruption. It works by using microscopic bumps to store data. The surface of the CD disc is a mirror, and the bumps disrupt the mirror's perfect surface. The laser that reads the CD or DVD can detect the difference between a perfect mirror and an imperfection caused by. By identifying the bumps as a "1," and no bump as a "0," it is easy to store digital information on a CD or DVD. The bumps on a CD are molded into the plastic when it is produced, so they are permanent Files can be accessed on other computers and copied. Alternatives to this device are portable Flash drives, zip disc the old method of tapes and Floppy discs. * FDD to save/back up small files and to add small programs or updates to programs. * A fast CD-rom can be used to add further programs and utilities to enable better user accessibility. It can also be used to update existing software. * At least 40GB of hard drive to support programs and to save files. * A barcode scanner to scan UPC barcodes to identify the price of the product, a handheld barcode scanner for larger items. ...read more.


The "UPC" stands for Universal Product Code. This code is unique to each product. All UPC bar codes contain 12 digits with the first 6 containing the manufacturer's identification number. This is used on the full range of barcodes from a certain manufacturer so they can be easily identified. It is essential to use this system when a store is exporting products to foreign countries. The next five digits are the item number that identifies the product. The last digit is the check digit; this is very important because it enables the barcode scanner to determine if the barcode has been scanned correctly or not. It works the process out with a series of calculations. If the check digit the barcode scanner calculates is different from the check digit, the scanner knows that there has been an error and the item needs to be assessed and rescanned. This barcode is from a product produced by BYG publishing, which is a book company Communication Infrastructure Many companies used to use the Fax machine to send alphanumeric data to each other. This technology was particularly useful because it could also be used to transfer drawings. A fax machine works by scanning the data with a beam of light; the light is then converted into an electronic signal that is passed along the telephone line to the recipient's machine, which is then printed out. ...read more.


If an incident involving the products arose, this information would make it easy to track the source of the problem - and recall the products. * Thanks to the RFID when the palettes arrive at the unloading area there is no need to check the contents of the packages. The stock control program describes the cargo and is quickly taken to the appropriate truck. * Meanwhile the supermarket has been tracking the shipment thanks to its own connection to the stock control system. When the delivery arrives it passes trough their own loading dock readers. * As soon as the products arrive, the supermarket retail systems are automatically updated to include every product that has arrived. Thanks to this the supermarket can locate its entire product range from that manufacturer inventory this is all done accurately and automatically. * Inside the supermarket the shelves will contain their own independent readers, when the products are stocked, the shelves will understand what's being put in them. Now, when a customer grabs for example 6 cans of drink, the shelf will send a message to the supermarket's automated re-fill systems - which will order more cans of drink from the manufacturer. * Auto-ID makes the customers shopping trip easier, too. Rather than queue for a cashier, the customer can simply walk out the door with their purchases. A reader built into the door recognizes the items in her trolley by their individual EPCs; the customer can then swipe a debit or credit card and then exit. ...read more.

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